26 May 2007


well with exams coming up, and me all stressed out, i have decided to take a small break from studying (okay well 2 this is a break!) and tonight I am going to have a Spa Night, to do something for myself. I am going to put on Gilmore Girls and paint my nails, do some yummy facial masks, and eat some icecream. Maybe I'll have a gab fest with with one of my friends. It shall be funn <3

25 May 2007

Another Gilmore Girl Day

Okay so ever since Gilmore Girls ended I have been very depressed. Tuesday nights will never be the same. I still watch it almost everyday (5pm on the W channel or on DVD) but its still not the same. My friend and I have decided to make ourselves a Gilmore Girl challenge. We are going to read every book Rory has read and watch every movie that the girls have. We are going to watch all the seasons in true Gilmore fashion... that means LOTS of JUNKFOOD!!! Yummy. anyway anyone who wants to join in please feel free.
~Belle aka Lorelai

Our beautiful take over of the board in Science Class:

24 May 2007

One Wish

Today if I had one wish it would be to have a day or a few days where no time goes by. I could get work done and 3 days later it would be like no time has past. That would be amazing. There is just so much to do and so little time. Stress is running high. We all need to do things for ourselfs. Take some time to do something for yourself in this crazy world of duedates and exams. Watch an old Gilmore Girls ( A WORLD WITHOUT GILMORE GILRS ON TUESDAY NIGHTS WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT!).... read a book ( The Girls is amazing!) I just wish that there was more time. <3>PICTURES:

8 May 2007

It feels as if the sky were falling

It was such a nice day today.. however i am stuck with loads of homework and exam prep!! ArrG! Im in one of those weird moods where i want to do nothing and feel like crying. hate those. I should say that i want to do nothing productive because i want to sit around and Watch Gilmore Girls all day and night, however i cant. Must get SOME work done. anyway not really a produtive post... i blame it on my mood :P! It feel as tho everyone has turned aganist me and all my friends are gone. sad i no.. i will go wallow somewhere else.
here are some pictures:

7 May 2007

Ohh Gilmore Girls

2 more left. Then its done.. i wonder how it will end. It has been life for the past few years. I just got the 1st season on DVD!! I think that they are real (not good i no)! my friend and I quote them (sad i no) all the hours spent watching will never be forgotten (get a life i no) So here is to you Krik, Luke, Ms Patty, Jess, Deane, Logan, Sookie, Emily, Richard, Paris, and Lane.. and the many other great characters. AND OF COURSE THE GILMORE GIRLS! Rory and Lorelai you will forever be my favorite mother- daughter team..

3 May 2007

Interesting Chaple Talk

The other day in Chaple. (yes we have chaple at my school) we were asked what we would tell someone in a lower grade. If we could tell them one thing, one sentence about growing up and life what would it be. I couldnt think of anything. Then I thought Be yourself. Dont change for anyone, because then you won't love yourself which is important.

I just love this photo