31 December 2008


Heyy Everyone,
As 2008 comes to a close, its hard to believe that its already over and a New Year is about to begin. Looking back on 2008, I have to say that it was a good year. I made lots of new friends, and many social barriers in my grade were broken down. My school was very cliquey. Over the past year those cliques have really begun to break down. I like the fact that everyone is friends with everyone, we all still have our close friends, but more and more we are hanging out with each other. I was put into a class with out any close friends, which forced me to make new ones. I am really glad that I got to get to know a lot of the people in my grade who I wouldn't have got to know other wise. I have made some really great friends this past year and I am very thankful for them.
I feel like in 2008, I stopped living inside a bubble, and really began to enjoy my life. I feel that there was a change in me, that made me more confident. I went on so many amazing trips this past year, that really helped to pull me even more out of my shell. I'm not really a shy person in the traditional sense, I am actually loud and some what annoying. I love telling random funny stories and laughing with friends. I got to know people on my trips that I wouldn't have normally hung out with, but we were forced together in many ways because there were so few people our age to hang out with. They were all nice and I had a good time with them on vacation but I know that they aren't people who I would normally be friends with, they made me appreciate the amazing friends that I have.
The start of a New Year is a time to look back, and think about the year that has past, and the year that is about to begin. Around this time many people are making their New Year's resolutions. I don't make New Years resolutions because to me, it feels more like a "new year" in September, what with back to school and all. I tend to set goals for myself then, school related and otherwise. That being said, I do have a New Year's resolution for my blog, and that is to post on a more regular basis, as well as to post a variety of content.
I am not doing anything special to welcome the New Year. I am justing having a friend of mine over, along with family friends. We will probably watch movies, eat junk, and watch the countdown on TV.
I hope that everyone has an amazing New Year.

28 December 2008


Heyy Everyone

So I have been taged by the wonderful Ready Set Go!

1. Were you named after anyone? nope, but my middle name is for my grandma

2. Do you still have your tonsils? I do at that

3. Would you bungee jump? Sure, I think I would

4. What is your favorite cereal? Cherrios with chocolate milk

5. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Depends on the shoes. My running shoes almost never, but others all the time

6. What is your favorite ice cream? Chocolate

7. What is the first thing you notice about people? Humm depends on the person I guess

8. What is your least favorite thing about yourself? I can be annoying :p,

9. What was the last thing you ate? Im eating cherrios right now

10. What are you listening to right now? my brother, hes talking to me about something but I am ignooring him.

11. Last movie you watched? Some Christmas movie on the W network, I think it was called Holiday Wishes

12. What did you dream about last night? I dont remember

13. What book are you reading? I am one of those people that reads like 4 books at once, so Im rereading Breaking Dawn and reading A complicated Kindness, The Kite Runner, and the Mists of Avalon.

14. Summer or winter? I like the summer heat, but I love the snow

15. Do you have any special talents? Not any really cool ones, like being double jointed or anything. Not really I guess.

I tag:
Dress Forms Pins adn Needles

The Tiffany Tree

Qin At The Disco

and anyone else who wants to do it.


24 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Hey Everyone,
I love the holidays! No school is bliss. I spent all day yesterday in my pjs, rereading Breaking Dawn. It was great! We have gotten lots more snow, it is a winter wonderland out there. It makes me want to go build a snowman, but its not packing snow which kinda sucks, but its also good because it makes shoveling a lot easier. It was Skate with Santa and the annual ice show last weekend which was a blast as usual. Its so much fun to see all the little children freak out about Santa and skate with their parents ( I think its the first time I didn't here anyone cry because they wanted their mommy or daddy... which was nice) I had a lot of fun with all my friends, we drank hot chocolate and cheered on our fellow skaters in the show. I love to watch everyone perform and do what they love best. It is one of my favourite parts of the holidays.

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope that everyone has an amazing, fun, and safe holiday. Enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Merry Christmas... Only one more sleep until Santa!

18 December 2008

Cozy Winter Days

Heyy Everyone!
It is really starting to feel like Christmas. Now I can't help but love the snow, often I complain about it, (I don't really like the cold much) but I love how pretty everything looks. I have been outdoor skating a few times now, and I can't wait to go again! I have been baking Christmas cookies, they smell so good.

I love just wearing pjs all day. My favourite thing to wear is extra big pj bottoms and my brother's ae shirt (that I steal on a regular basis) Here are some of my favourite lounge wear (I might have posted some of these before but they are just so comfortable):

From Arie:

I always have freezing feet. I love these they are so warm. I also love wearing wool socks.

These pjs really cute, and they are grey.

From AE:

Everyone should own this shirt. Guys clothes are so comfortable. I love this shirt, I wear it all the time. I would suggest that you buy it a size bigger to allow for maximum comfort.

From Roots:

These pjs, are super thick and soft. These trackpants are probably my favourite. The track pants from Roots green line are even more comfortable. They are really soft, and are made with organic cotton.

From Pink:

These pjs look really warm. I would love to get a pair.

This shirt looks really warm and comfortable.

Tonight I just want to curl up with either a book or a movie and some hot chocolate.

I will hopefully be able to post more often over the break.

8 December 2008

Inspiration and SYTYCD Canada

Heyy Everyone,
Life is crazy right now, I have so much stuff to do for school, I really don't have much time to post. So You Think You Can Dance Canada ended last night. Nico won and Allie was top girl. I was very happy with the top four, and I really enjoyed the first season. I thought all the dancers were good, and they had some amazing performances. Plus most of the male dancers were HOT! I mean just look at Nico.

Here are some outfits that have been inspiring me:

Sheane Grimes

I love her beret, and scarf!

Scarlet Johanson

I love her sweater. I really want an over sized grey cardigan. I am thinking of checking out the guy section of blue notes, or going to American Apparel.

Jessica Biel

I love her jacket and scarf. I have recreated this a few times now.

Emma Roberts

Love her bag and jacket.

I'm sorry for the short post, I promise more soon. I am working on a few Christmas posts right now.

Good luck to those with finals right now, and to all those who have crazy work loads.
Have a good week,

1 December 2008

World AIDS Day

What are you doing to get involved?
Heyy Everyone,
Today is World AIDS day. I am handing out ribbons in order to create awareness and support the cause. I hope that you all get involved in some way or another. Even if it is just visiting one of the sites below.

Check them out:
Product Red
(Starbucks) Red
Here is some great Product (Red) Stuff:
From Gap:

From Apple:

From Converse:
I hope that everyone has an amazing week,
lots of love

24 November 2008

Twilight Movie

WARNING: MAY CONTAIN SPOLIERS! But really if you have read the book, I wouldn't really worry. But you have been warned.

Heyy Everyone,

I went to see the twilight movie on Saturday! It was AMAZING! I loved it! It did not ruin the book for me at all! Of course it was not as good as the book, but I never expected it to be, since they never are. All of the actors did an amazing job, and Robert Pattinson is extreemly hot in the moive. Once the movie ended I wanted to go buy another ticket and go see it again. lol. There wasn't enough of the other vampires, like Alice, as I would have liked. We really didn't get to see their characters as much as you do in the books. Edward however was perfect and beautiful. Everytime he was on the screen I couldn't help but squel a little, I came home and changed the back ground of my computer to a picture of him. If you liked the books and even if you didn't I suggest you go and see Twilight!
Here are some pictures:

Kristen Stewart:

I really like this dress, its simple and cute.

I love the top half of this outfit. Not so much the bottom.

The cast at Much:

This was so amusing to watch. People would ask questions and they never really directly answered the questions. If you get the chance check it out at muchmusic.com

Elizabeth Reaser

I love the colour of this dress.

Rachelle Lefevre

She's Canadian! She was seemed really nice at the Much interview, and she was very down to earth.

Nikki Reed:

I really like the print of this dress.

The Cullens. I loved what they wore in the movie. They always looked so put together.

Robert Pattinson is so hot! I couldn't stop from squeling. I loved him in Harry Potter and he was even better in Twilight. Cedric Diggory just didn't get enough screen time, but Edward does. :D. Does anyone else think that he kind of looks like Ed Westwick?

See, sorta? It's even more from the side profile, but I couldn't find any good pictures.
Anyway I hope you all have a good week. I will try to post more often.

11 November 2008

Lara Presber

Heyy Everyone!

I haven't done a Canadian Designer post in a while, so I decided to do one today. I have found some new designers to feature.
Lara Presber was an architect who turned into a fashion designer. This can be seen through out this unique collection. All the clothes are designed and produced here in Canada. Her fall 2008 collection is full of earth tones with pops of metallic here and there.

Here are some of my favourites:

I really like all the different colours in this dress. It is beautiful. I really like how it sort of looks like an animal print, but you can't place your finger on what animal it is.

I love this skirt. It is a beautiful colour and has such great texture.

I love this entire outfit. I really like the blue colour of the skirt. The top is amazing, I love how it flares out a little bit at the bottom. It has such clean lines.

This dress has such an interesting shape and a great texture.

I really like the wide leg pants, and the texture of the top. All of her pieces have amazing texture. I like how the top is cut.

Check more out here.

Today is Remembrance day. Please take the time to remember all those who have given their lives to protect their countries, and all those who continue to put their lives on the line for their country.
I hope that everyone has an amazing week.

5 November 2008

Skate Canada International

Heyy Everyone,
This weekend was the Homesense Skate Canada International. This year it was held in Ottawa, and the Canadians did us proud. We brought home medals in every event. Gold in the men and women competition and silver in dance and pairs. I personally love to watch the skating and I am so proud of the Canadian team. It looks like we are well prepared for Vancouver 2010.

Jessica Dube and Bryce Davidson are amazing. I don't love them as much as I loved Jamie and David, but I still find them a joy to watch.
Patrick Chan showed what he could do when he beat Jeffery Buttle (who recently announced his retirement) at the past Canadians.I don't know much about Ice dance personally, but I love to watch it because it is "pure" skating. It is more about the edges since there are no jumps. It was Vanessa Crone and Paul Poirier's first time competing at an international senior event, and they did amazing.

Joannie Rochette blew the competition out of the water, winning by about 20 points. She has grown so much in the past year. The women's event is the one I most identify with (since I skate singles).
Congrats to all the skaters, and good luck in their next competitions.
I haven't done a Canadian Designer post in a while, so I will do one within the next week or so.
I hope that everyone has an amazing week.

29 October 2008


Heyy Everyone,
Halloween is just around the corner!!!
Halloween isn't as much fun as when I was little, but I still love free candy. haha. This year I am going trick or treating for canned food. I am doing the Halloween for Hunger campaign which was started by Free the Children. It is for a really great cause, and hopefully I will be able to get a lot of canned goods. An added bonus I still get to trick or treat, which I find so much fun with out people thinking I am too old. I don't know what I am going to be for sure, but there is always the good old black cat to fall back on, if I can't come up with anything else. Some people are so creative and I always think wow why couldn't I have thought of something like that. Oh well.
I was searching online the other day ( I really just was trying to avoid homework) and I found some pretty cool pumpkins, here are my favourites:

This pumpkin is really cute. I wish I had the skills to carve pumpkins like this. Its too bad that they rot and you can't keep them forever.

Not spooky but totally cool

Simply amusing
This took some skill.
The Burger Pumpkin is totally cool! Its my favourite by far.

Please note: None of these pictures are mine. I found them all online.

Celbs all decked out for Halloween:

The Duff sisters.
Misha Barton

Christina Aguilera

Audrina and Christina

Anne Hathaway
I'm not sure how old these pictures are. I found them all online.

I hope that everyone has an amazing, fun and spooky Halloween. Let me know what your going to be.