20 June 2008

MMVAs, Kania and such.

Heyy Everyone!
Summer is in full swing now. I got my exam marks back a few days ago, and I did okay. I'm pretty happy with my marks, and am fully ready to enjoy summer. On Sunday June 15 ( or Father's Day) it was the Much Music Video Awards (MMVAs). I didn't watch all of it, but I have caught bits and pieces here and there from the reruns, I swear they play it all the time. Anyway here are some pictures from the MMVAs if you want to see more check it out here.
The New Kids On the Block had their reunion at the MMVAs. It was their first time performing together in a long time. There was a big lead up for this days before the event. I love Chase Crawford. Enough Said.

The weather here has been CRAZY! One day its warm and sunny the next its freezing cold, and raining. We had tornado warnings and severe thunderstorm watches. The Weather Network went nuts, telling us to take cover, it was almost amusing. So the night of the MMVAs we had thunderstorms on and off, with crazy winds, so the red carpet was very wet. I read somewhere in the newspaper that they began to call it the red sea. Anyway that was a very long explanation as to why Jesse McCartney is holding an umbrella.

Mel C from the Spice Girls, in Toronto which has now been named Spice City.

Rihanna won best International Artist. She also performed.

Headly did very well taking home four awards.


I have been shopping a few times since school has ended. Here is what I bought:
I love these shoes, even though they gave me blisters at first, I decided to forgive them. I mean they are so cute, its hard not to.

I also got these sandals because I needed a pair of dressier sandals.

I went to F21 and got a couple of shorts. The jean ones were around $11, and the others I got instead of a pair from AE. I liked the F21 ones because they were a little bit dresser, oh and the fact that they were cheaper didn't hurt either.

These are the shorts from AE

These are the shorts from F21

So continuing with Canadian Designers, Stacey Bafi-Yeboa designs the line Kania, which can be found in different locations across Canada. Her line is more casual and looks very comfortable and cozy.

This sweater is called a Snuggie and it comes in a few different colours. I really want one. It is around $149.

This is the Blazin. It is around $169.

I really love the colour of this, it is called Calor. It can be worn as a skirt or a dress. It also comes in white and it is $149.

If you want to see more then check it out here.

Anyway I hope you all have a good weekend. Good luck to those of you who are writting exams, and to those of you who have finished enjoy summer. I will post again soon!



  1. I love the metallic flats. They're really cute. You commented me about trading links and you're on mine already. Just wanted to let you know.

  2. I want to have Chase Crawford kids. thats it.

  3. chase crawford....YUM. the finale was so good!!!
    i like the first pair of flats, they're very shiny :)

  4. I need some sandals and flats myself.
    So Toronto is now spice city?haha
    p.s.check out my new post!

  5. my aount loves new kids summertime is my new ringtone I love all the shoes

  6. ooh really enjoyed this post :)

  7. Chase Crawford is gorgeous!

  8. I am a fan of the book & I am a Nate/Blair fan all the way. But there is something about Ed Westwick that made me love Chuck so much!

  9. i love chase! and that last pink skirt/dress :)

  10. oh im sorry it didnt work for you! if you really want to see it, just search "kayla hyne" on youtube!

  11. He... is... so pretty.
    So, so pretty.
    I on't even take in the plot of GG, I just like looking at all the pretty characters.
    It's so nice to see what's happening in Canadian fashion! It's not very well publicized! Thanks so much for this!

  12. Your new flats are lovely, even if they do give you blisters. Perhaps I will try forever 21 for shorts, since I can't seem to find any that fit me...anywhere, and those denim ones you bought are simple and cute.

    Is that Chace Crawford and Brody? I never knew they were friends.

    The color of the last dress is brilliant.

  13. Hiya
    I FINALLY linked you, my computer seems to be in a good mood... lol.Fab flats btw.

  14. Chace is such a hottie.Like his face is actually beautiful.
    wow i sound obsessive
    stop by my blog

  15. I love that color too! I call it raspberry-red :D

    Rihanna is a little overated sometimes, I think...

    Nice buys!

    Loved this post.

  16. really cute boys and shoes :)

    a kiss!


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