9 June 2008


Heyy Everyone!
Exams are over! Thank goodness! I think that they went well, at least I hope they did, I won't know how I did until next week. Now I am going to enjoy the summer, and try to post regularly. I am planning on lathering on the sunscreen and sitting out side in the beautiful hot weather. I am so happy that I can finally read for pleasure again, I never have enough time during the school year, so my list of books that I want to read piles up. I'm so glad to be done!
I have decided to feature Canadian Designers. Here is a Canadian designer, Sabrina Barila, her head office is located in Montreal, and she has a few stores across Canada. Here are my favourites from her fall/winter '08 collection.

I like the jeweled neck line,
I would wear this with a couple of bangles.

I really like the buckles on the boots, and the fact that the shirt has pockets.

It is grey, need I say more.

I love the couch that they are sitting on. Its really cute. I love the shoes with the bows.

I really like the pattern of the dress.

Is it just me or does this model sort of look like Sophia Bush?
If you want to see more of the collection then click here



  1. is this post a day early? hmm? hmm? haha i love the pocket dres.. all of it is so wearable!

  2. I love shirts with pockets!! They are really cute!

  3. Loving the pattern dresses!

  4. wow this is a very cute collection, and i agree with you- the buckles on the boots are so cute i want!

  5. You did a post about Canadian Designers. And a good one at that.

    Best friends forever?

  6. Thank goodness for exams being over. I'm still waiting to receive my grades.

    I love the first few dresses/shirts..they all look very versatile.

  7. oohh this really makes me want some latex leggings...

  8. The dress looks easy and chic! They are made to feel comfort and feminine simutanously! I really love it! Thank you for the info and pictures! Such a great post to layout the superb collection!

  9. ohh the collection is adorable!

  10. what a gorgeous collection, I like every piece! xx

  11. "I am so happy that I can finally read for pleasure again, I never have enough time during the school year, so my list of books that I want to read piles up."
    - Same here! :D

    I'm glad you're back! Those were great design choices, I loved them all so much...

  12. those are all lovely! i like how they're so simply, yet different.

  13. I like the purple "pocketed" dress and the grey dress...

    For some reason, the way the photos are taken remind me of JCrew.

  14. I find the more minimalistic ones most appealing. It seems that the lengthy dark brunettes in black tops with what looks like a leather or nylon pant is the ideal fit for that look, but realistically placing a real woman in those clothes will yield different results. It'd be interesting to see different hair colors and figure shapes in the same attire.

  15. Thank you for posting about a canadian designer, this stuff is amazing.

    yay for exams being over, now you can relax more.


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