30 July 2013

Simple Change

There is one simple thing that we can all do to change our health, save money and better the environment.  All we have to do is commit to carrying around a reusable water bottle. We all know that we are suppose to drink 8 glass of water a day for our health. I don't know about you but unless I have a water bottle with me as a reminder I always forget. Carrying one around is a simple and easy solution. 

Bottle water is extremely expensive. I personally prefer tap water but I know that I am one of the few. If you have safe and clean drinking water I don't know why you wouldn't drink tap water. In some areas its actually better for you and it only costs pennies. If you like your water cold stick a jug of tap water in the fridge and fill up your bottle as you need it. 

Plastic water bottle produce a lot of waste there is no way around it. Why are we diverting even more waste into our landfills when there is a simple solution? Use a reusable bottle. My office is completely plastic water bottle free and my school is moving that way as well.  

Its a simple change, that once you start will become a habit after a while. So why not? Pick up a cute reusable bottle and it will pay for itself many times over within the week. 

28 July 2013


As you may have noticed there have been some changes around here. Most notably the name and url of the blog. I have been wanting to change the blog name for a while as it grows and evolves. I anticipate this being the last of the changes for a while now. I am in the middle of writing a bunch of new posts and doing some other small updates around here. Regular posting should resume soon! So keep checking back!

Thank you for your patience,

8 July 2013

Favourites from Pintrest

Its no secret that I am a huge pintrester. My friends are always like "I saw the cutest thing on Pinterest and I was going to tag you but then I realized it was you who pinned it." To say I am addicted is putting it mildly. I can spend countless hours on my iPad scrolling through hundreds of pins. These are just a few of my favourites lately: 

Lines Across
Okay so I don't have an Iphone...yet. But when I get one (and for all my friends that do) I would be changing my background basically everyday. These are just too cute! 
Naturally Ella

Such a good idea! I don't know why I didn't think of this. I love sushi and this is a great way to eat it at home.

I love the idea of displaying your favourite shoes right along with your books. Why hide them where no one can see them?

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5 July 2013

Green Smoothie Challenge: Take 2

I tried in April to do the Green Smoothie Challenge from Simple Green Smoothies but I didn't make it through the entire month. I got sick and just didn't feel like having smoothies everyday. I decided to start the challenge again this week for the month of July. I am really hoping I can stick to it and have a smoothie a day. I will most likely be drinking mine for breakfast and am not sure yet if I am going to blend it the night before or throw everything into my blender (minus the liquids) the night before so I just have to blend and go in the mornings. Anyone have any suggestions for quickly making smoothies in the mornings?  

This is my favourite green smoothie recipe but I love how the challenge emails you shopping lists and a ton of new recipes to try. What is your favourite recipe?  Let me know if you decide to join the challenge as well! 


After I wrote this I was on Flipboard and I came across this article. It talks about the health benefits of spinach and how it is good for your brain. All the more reason to join me and drink your greens! 

3 July 2013

Long Weekend Snapshots

 Dinner by the harbour
 One of many rabbits running around the neighbourhood
 Argos home opener (My first professional football game)
 First Green Smoothie of the challenge (I will be posting more about this Friday!)
 Largest Canadian Flag I've ever seen! 
 Canada Day Jays Game. We won! (Also my first baseball game... it was a sporty weekend for me)
The CN Tower all lit up for Canada Day. 

What where the highlights of your weekend? 


1 July 2013

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day everyone! I am spending the day at the ball game and will hopefully be enjoying a hot dog while you are reading this!