31 January 2011

Do, Date, Ditch

Do, Date, Ditch. Its very simple. You pick one to do, one to date and one to ditch.

Okay here's what I would do. I would Do Dan, Date Nate and Ditch Chuck. Why? This was a hard choice for me. But Dan is forever in love with Serena and Chuck has Blair and I wouldn't want to piss her off and then there is Nate. Who is beautiful and sweet. Who would you Do, Date, Ditch? Leave your answer in the comments.

27 January 2011

Old Favourites

We all have those blogs that we love to read. Ever so often we stumble upon a new blog here or there that we grow to love. I have been reading many different blogs for about four years now and some of my favourite bloggers are sadly no longer blogging. However four of my favourites who have been around since the start are still blogging and continue to inspire me. Two have grown and moved onto new blogs which I love just as much as the old and the others are still writing their original. Their blogs are ones that I visit on a regular basis, their wardrobes I have come to recognize and I often find myself thinking what would they do.

From her remixes, her labbit, and her travels Rebecca always gives me something interesting to read about. She inspires me to wear more skirts and sets my sights on traveling the world. I love reading her blog on a daily basis.

This is a new blog for this redheaded blogger. Her Embracing Mondays give me something to look forward to on Monday Mornings. Her blog is one that truly makes me think. While this is a new blog for her I cannot wait to see how it grows, it has already brought back so much of what I loved.

This blog. So much I could say. However what sums it up best is this blog was the first blog I started reading and Molly was on the first (and consistent) to comment on my posts. This blog is what made me want to blog. From her taste in music to her witty remarks it is truly a unique treasure out there in the blogosphere.

This is Tess's second blog and I love it just as much if not more then her first. Her book reviews, style files and outfit round ups are some of my favourite features. Her blog has a great balance of fashion and personal life along with little added bonuses that really make you think.

I highly recommend that you check out these lovely blogs. Let me know who your old favourite or new favourites are.

24 January 2011

Do, Date, Ditch

So this is a game that my friends and I enjoy playing when there are no guys around and we are just hanging out. Basically someone names three guys (people we know, famous people or characters from movies or TV shows) and everyone else has to decide which they would do, which they would date and which they would ditch. I thought it might be fun to play here. So sticking with my love of Gilmore Girls which of Rory's Three Guys would you Do, Date, Ditch?




I would Do Jess, Date Logan and Ditch Dean. I loved Jess but felt that Logan made a better boyfriend and I just really didn't like Dean at all. Let me know who you would Do, Date, Ditch in the comments!
Have a great weekend,

18 January 2011

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

So I thought that I would share a bit about my life at university. So here goes:

The Roommate:
The Good - She my best friend
The Bad- Her BF staying the night
The Ugly - Not talking for a week

The Guy Across the Hall:
The Good - He's attractive
The Bad - I'm attracted to him
The Ugly - Floorcest

The Living On Your Own:
The Good - Space from the famjam
The Bad - No home cooked meals. KD anyone?
The Ugly - Missing said famjam

The Classes:
The Good - They are actually interesting
The Bad - The work
The Ugly - 9 am Calc anyone?

The Science Labs:
The Good - Feeling Legit!
The Bad - 3 hours... REALLY?
The Ugly - Spilling chemicals on yourself

The Finals:
The Good - Doing better then expected
The Bad - Doing worst then expected
The Ugly - Telling the parents about The Bad.


14 January 2011

Sometimes people surprise you. Like tonight for example I was in the worst mood ever and a friend from high school who I never used to talk to about things came through for me tonight. We were never super close until the end of grade 12 when we went on a two week school trip together with only six other students and we all became really close. Usually our conversations are fairly light but today I was in full on rant mode. Thankfully he came through and gave great advice. It's strange the people you rely on and who are there for you. Sometimes its people who you don't expect. Its a funny thing really. We are hours away and yet he managed to tell me what I needed to hear and was able to make me feel better. What happened to make me so upset you ask? Well I fought with my crush. Over basically nothing. (I know I am no back in grade seven). Which ended with me in tears and the fight sort of being patched up. Seriously, don't ever like the guy across the hall. Its just plain messy, especially when other girls on the floor like him as well. Jealously, broken friendship and tears result. But actually. Guys are just confusing; one minute they like you and the next they don't. We live across the hall, have two classes together and have all the same friends. Yet we are both too scared to do anything incase something happens before the year is over and we will have to live across the hall for the rest of the year. I promised myself no "floorcest" ... lets see how long this lasts.