26 May 2014

Joyous Health: Book Review

This book has been living on my counter. I am constantly grabbing it to reference things - from how to cook quinoa to the dirty dozen list. This book is a valuable resource of healthy, whole and clean eating. Joy is great at providing information in an interesting and knowledgeable way. She recommends taking 6 weeks to work through her book - I read it in one night and then started adapting different aspects into my life. I have since gone back and started to work through it. Since reading Joyous Health I have been more conscious about what I am eating and have been working at creating healthier meals. Rather then being restrictive I have found the book to really open my eyes to new and different ways to cook a foods that I already love and how to start incorporating other fresh foods. I also really like how uplifting Joy is in her book. This is NOT a diet book. It is much more about lifestyle then it is about being restrictive. She gives stress management tips and information on how to live a fuller healthier life. Following the first part of the book, full of Joy's information and knowledge, the second part is a traditional cookbook, fully of healthy easy to make dishes. All of Joy's recipes are delicious and easy to follow.  What I personally really liked about the book is that Joy is Canadian.  It was great for me for because the information in the book was relevant and I could find all the ingredients listed (there is also a US version!). 
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23 May 2014

Snapshots: May 23

Beautiful May Day

Dog walking

I have an obsession with pretty trees

Went for dinner, got a doggy bag. The restaurant always writes fun things on their take out boxes last time it was "Don't even think about sharing". 

Ice cream runs. Chocolate with fudge sauce, brownies and Reese Peanut Butter cups.

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21 May 2014

Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes with Honey Buttercream

These cupcakes are one of my favourites for summer. I love the light lemony taste and the surprise of fresh strawberries in the cake. I have posted the recipe here. I made these for a BBQ for Victoria Day weekend and I loved the photos and had to share. 

It turned out to be a gorgeous weekend for the long weekend. They were calling for rain but it never came! I wanted something fresh and bright for the BBQ since the weather was starting to warm up, I wanted a desert that reflected that.  Plus the lemon syrup from this recipe did double duty in Sangria (recipe to come)! 

My roommate (and friends) seriously thought I was crazy, bringing my cupcakes (and props) outside to take photos in the grass. I would think they were used to my "cupcake photo shoots" by now but I guess leaving the kitchen was just too much for them to handle. Lol.  I love how the photos turned out and am so glad I didn't listen to their teasing. Do your friends bug you for taking blog photos? 

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14 May 2014

3 Everyday Things that Make Me Feel Grown-up

Most days I still feel like a child. Its hard to believe that I in my fourth year of University. Sometimes though I get this fleeting feeling like "wow" I am actually grown up and at the same time I feel like I am just playing dress-up. 
This feeling comes at random times, usually when I am doing everyday things. Things that I do on a regular (or semi-regular basis) but every once and a while it hits me that I am growing up and becoming an adult. They are: 
1. Answering Emails. 
The more formal the email the older I feel. This also true to emails that are about scheduling things or that have multiple exchanges.

2. Wearing Heels. 
I feel SO tall and SO old. You could also add in when I am dressed business casual. 

3. Voluntarily Eating a Salad. 
No one is forcing me. Yet, once again I have picked a salad off the menu. SO grown up!

What makes you feel grown up? 
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7 May 2014

25 before 25: Update

An update on my 25 before 25 list

1. Graduate University 

2. Buy a car 

3. Take a cake decorating class 

4. Go to Europe
planning for this to happen next summer

5. Run a race
signing up for a colour run at the end of the month

6. Throw a dinner party 

7. Watch all of Sex in the City 

8. Take a ballroom dancing class 

9. Get a real job
internship number 2 underway

10. Buy a great pair of shoes 

11. Read all the Jane Austin novels
2 down.

12.  Have my own place 

13. Make Macaroons

14. Make a cupcake tower for something special 

15.  Do another service trip 

16. Road trip
happening in August!

17. Go to a sporting event 

18. Have a pet of my own (even if its just a fish)

19.  Go to Vancouver 

20.  Find my signature drink 

21. Have a girls weekend 

22. Learn to play a song on guitar

23. Keep a journal
started bullet journalling - we will see if it lasts 

24. Invest in a good camera 

25. Dream Big  
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2 May 2014


Sushi Date. The more avocado the better.

Loving everything at Chapters lately. 

Red Velvet Cheese Cake I made for the famjam

Colourful Peppers

Flowers from the boy <3 nbsp="" p="">
The best chocolate cake I've ever had... 
Forgot to take the before photo oops. 

Need chocolate ice cream for serious study sessions. So glad this last exam is DONE! Bring on summer.

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