19 April 2009

Me to We

Hey Everyone,
How are you all? I am currently waiting for my lunch to finish cooking, while skillfully avoiding homework, which made me think, wow I haven't blogged in a while. So here I am. I think I mention the weather in pretty much every post, but here I am about to mention it again. Its finally SUNNY and NICE outside! It makes me happy to not have to wear a heavy winter coat anymore, or any coat for that matter.

There was a Me to We workshop at my school the other day, and I was lucky enough to attend. It was a very interesting and inspiring workshop, that really got me thinking. We played a game were they taped a stereotype onto our backs and everyone treated us how society treated that stereo type. It was a very interesting experience to be put into someone shoes. Afterwards we discussed the activity and how being stereotypes has an affect on our lives. People opened up about their own experiences and shared about how when their friends joke about their stereotypes, it often hurts, or bothers them even though they know that they are joking. It helped a lot of us realize that we needed to remain more open minded about people, and that we should try to go into situations with an open mind and not judge people right out. We also recognized how difficult this is sometimes, and how we often judge people without meaning to. It was amazing to see every one's opinion on the topic, and how much the topic affected everyone. Everyone had something to say and something to share about stereotypes and how it personally affected them.
Another thing we talked about was how everyone has a story, and how you don't really know that person until you know their story, and how every ones story is different. The leaders of the workshop shared their stories with us and they were amazing and powerful.
One issue we talked about was the distribution of wealth and food around the world. The imbalance of wealth and food compared to population is huge. We began to talk about how every issue is connected and if you focus on changing one issue such as education or women's rights, you are really helping many different issues indirectly.
The workshop opened my eyes to many different issues, and I am very glad that I go to participate in it. I wanted to share some of what we did with all of you, because it really inspired me. If you get a chance to go to a Me to We workshop I highly encourage you to take the opportunity. Me to We is a part of Free the Children, which is an organization that has been changing lives around the world. Check out the MetoWe website.

I hope that everyone has a great week.

13 April 2009


Hey Everyone,

Happy Easter/ Passover/ Spring. I would love for the weather to be a little bit warmer, but its not. I hear that its supposed to get warmer this week which would be nice, I hate getting dressed then having to go change cause its not appropriate for the weather. It makes it very difficult to get dressed. Oh well.

I baked some cupcakes for Easter, they are very spring looking. I thought that I would share them with you.

Fresh from the oven

Making the icing colourful

The finished product

The marshmallow chicks
I hope that everyone had a good holiday.