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30 October 2013

How To: Make a Cupcake Costume

I am known for my cupcakes. So I thought it would only be fitting to be a cupcake for halloween. After much googling I found a few different techniques for making a cupcake costume. I really liked All Things Alisa's tutorial and used it as a base for building my own cupcake. I used a round laundry basket instead of a larger bin and used a slightly different technique for making my frosting. I loved how my costume turned out and I cannot wait to wear it!

Project difficulty: Medium (I would recommend having a friend to help)
Time: 1.5 Hours

- Round laundry Basket
- 3-4 coloured Bristol board (I used hot pink)
- hot glue and glue gun
- batting (I got mine from walmart)
- Wide Ribbon
- Feather boa
- Glitter Styrofoam balls (or pompoms)
- Headband
- Cupcake plushy (Keychain from Dollarstore)

1. Cut bottom off of laundry basket
2. Cut bristol board to desired length, I made mine about 5-10 cms longer then the basket. Fold accordion style

3. Glue folded Bristol board around laundry basket. We cut a tab on each side of our bristol board to glue under the "lip" of the laundry basket. It took about 2 and a half of the bristol boards to fully cover the laundry basket.

4. Measure ribbon "suspenders" at height where you want the cupcake to be and glue ribbon onto laundry basket. I would make the straps a bit longer then you think you will need. You can always cut and tie the ribbon in a bow on your shoulder after. I would recommend a friend help you with this step.
5. Fold batting in four into a square slightly larger then your basket. (There should be four layers of batting).  Make sure you tuck your straps into the laundry basket before you glue on the batting!

6. Glue small sections of laundry basket and tuck batting up and under so it forms a pouf and "muffin top" edge around the laundry basket. Glue all the way around laundry basket in small sections securing batting as you go.
7. Attach feather boa with hot glue around the edge of the laundry basket between the paper and the batting.
8. Use the hot glue to add "sprinkles" around the edge your cupcake. I used glitter Styrofoam balls that I found at the dollar store but pompoms would work well.

9. Cut a small X in the centre of the batting on your cupcake. Use your hands to stretch the batting into a big enough hole for you to fit through.

10. For the head piece: I used a headband from the dollar store and hot glued a plushy cupcake from a keychain onto the headband.

I am planning on wearing it with a white t shirt and shorts underneath. I think it will look great once I do my makeup all sparkly and glittery and wear my favourite pink heels! 
Can't wait! 

What are you being for halloween? 


  1. Angela @ Life in Velvet29 December 2013 at 23:43

    How cute! I love this! Thanks for linking up!

  2. If you are what you eat...I may not need a cupcake costume! So cute, and it looks so easy! I'm pinning this for Halloween 2014!


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