21 October 2013

Akriah Robinson told 150 wedding guests that her husband doesn't complete her which probably shocked many of her guests -  I however could not agree with her more.  I know that society has lead us to believe that the person we marry completes us but it is not something I have ever really agreed with. It all started when my first year roommate told me that her boyfriend completed her. I just looked at her and said okay. At the time I was happily single and I couldn't help but think to myself "does that mean I am an incomplete person?". Can a person not be complete without someone else? This idea did not sit right with me. I was happy with who I was, a single girl, I felt complete and fulfilled. I never thought of myself as needing someone to complete me. There are many important things in my life and many relationships with people who I value all of which have helped to shape me into the person that I am today. I am a unique individual. I will always be a unique individual and who can stand on my own. I don't need anyone to "complete me". I have always felt that you cannot be completely happy in a relationship until you are happy alone. Wanting to find that perfect person to complete you is a lot of pressure on that other person. I believe girls should be able to trust in themselves and that they should have a network of more then just one person who they can lean on when times get tough. I am currently in a relationship,  which I am committed to and I value but I refuse to say that my boyfriend completes me.  Personally, I do not feel like one person can complete another, I believe that in order to be truly happy in our relationships with others and in life that we need to be able to rely on ourselves and be okay with who we are as individuals. I am not in a relationship with my boyfriend because he completes me but because he brings joy into my life, he supports me and I know that I can always trust him. I completely agree with Akriah when she says "Our lives are much bigger then each other".  You should go read her speech if you haven't yet!


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