29 October 2008


Heyy Everyone,
Halloween is just around the corner!!!
Halloween isn't as much fun as when I was little, but I still love free candy. haha. This year I am going trick or treating for canned food. I am doing the Halloween for Hunger campaign which was started by Free the Children. It is for a really great cause, and hopefully I will be able to get a lot of canned goods. An added bonus I still get to trick or treat, which I find so much fun with out people thinking I am too old. I don't know what I am going to be for sure, but there is always the good old black cat to fall back on, if I can't come up with anything else. Some people are so creative and I always think wow why couldn't I have thought of something like that. Oh well.
I was searching online the other day ( I really just was trying to avoid homework) and I found some pretty cool pumpkins, here are my favourites:

This pumpkin is really cute. I wish I had the skills to carve pumpkins like this. Its too bad that they rot and you can't keep them forever.

Not spooky but totally cool

Simply amusing
This took some skill.
The Burger Pumpkin is totally cool! Its my favourite by far.

Please note: None of these pictures are mine. I found them all online.

Celbs all decked out for Halloween:

The Duff sisters.
Misha Barton

Christina Aguilera

Audrina and Christina

Anne Hathaway
I'm not sure how old these pictures are. I found them all online.

I hope that everyone has an amazing, fun and spooky Halloween. Let me know what your going to be.


  1. great posts cool pumpkins!

  2. The fact that the pumpkins don't last forever really is a downfall. =( Last year I made a really awesome one and I was so sad when it died. I wish it could've lasted forever.

    And it is awesome that you're doing something charitable on Halloween. I hope you got a ton of canned goods!

  3. I think carvings in a pumpkin are realyl awesome.


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