17 May 2012


I have become OBSESSED with Tropicalia by DAVID's Tea. It tastes like a Pina Colada! There are huge chunks of pineapple in the tea and it smells divine.  It is going to be a summer staple, thats for sure. It already has me dreaming of the beach.



14 May 2012

25 before 25

Cake Pops I made for my birthday

It was recently my 20th birthday and I saw this post and thought it was an awesome idea, and something that I wanted to do. So here is my 25 before 25. 

1. Graduate University 

2. Buy a car 

3. Take a cake decorating class 

4. Go to Europe 

5. Run a race 

6. Throw a dinner party 

7. Watch all of Sex in the City 

8. Take a ballroom dancing class 

9. Get a real job 

10. Buy a great pair of shoes 

11. Read all the Jane Austin novels 

12.  Have my own place 

13. Make Macaroons

14. Make a cupcake tower for something special 

15.  Do another service trip 

16. Road trip

17. Go to a sporting event 

18. Have a pet of my own (even if its just a fish)

19.  Go to Vancouver 

20.  Find my signature drink 

21. Have a girls weekend 

22. Learn to play a song on guitar

23. Keep a journal 

24. Invest in a good camera 

25. Dream Big  

6 May 2012

Obsession: Tea

David's Tea
I am obsessed with tea. It is a new obsession and it is one that it only growing.  I have never been a coffee person. In fact I cannot stand the taste of coffee, even in baked goods. Tea however is something that I drink on pretty much a daily basis. Then those fancy loose leaf tea places started popping up all over town and before I knew it, I was in love with loose leaf teas.  I am by no means an expert and it is something that I have started to really enjoy exploring and I am loving growing my collection of teas.  The health benefits in some of these teas alone is amazing. I also love many of them iced, which is perfect for summer.  There is nothing I love more then curling up with a great mug of tea.  I hope to discover many more favourites. What is your favourite cup of tea?

5 May 2012

Running: Day 1

I finally threw on my running shoes and grabbed my ipod today to go out for an afternoon run. After making excuses for about a week as to why I haven't started running, I finally hit the pavement.  It was not an easy run, if you can even call it a run. It was more of a run for a bit, wow I have a huge cramp, time to walk for a bit, okay walk a bit longer. I should probably start running again, run for a couple of minutes, okay back to walking. Needless to say, I am WAY out of shape.  Hopefully I can stick to it, and start running on more of a regular basis. And I do mean run.

3 May 2012

Summer Lovin

I have four glorious months off from school. This fact has yet to sink in. It still feels like I should be studying for my next final or something. But as of right now, I am free.  I am excited for the adventures and the warm weather that summer brings.

I want to have a relaxing, yet productive summer. I would love to feel like I actually accomplished something other then a great tan (although I have no objections to the tan).

I would really like to start running this summer. Its something that I alway try to start doing, but I never actually stick with it. I hope that I can change that this summer and learn to love running.

I hope to read something of substance. While I love my junkie novels and they are a great way to relax, and I am not going to lie they will be what I'll be reading for the next week or so at least to get out of finals mode and give my brain a much needed break. Soon however I will be in need of some intellectual stimulation and I hope to read a variety of books this summer.  My list so far is mostly Jane Austin novels, as well as: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Night and A Piece of Cake. 
I would love to know what's on your reading list this summer, or if you have any suggestions for me.

Strawberry Lemon-aid Cupcakes
Finally I want to make many delicious looking (and of course tasting) deserts. I want to make gourmet cupcakes and decorate sugar cookies. I love to bake but I feel like my presentation is often lacking. It is something that I hope to improve upon this summer.

Hopefully I can accomplish these three goals this summer. The biggest challenge, I think, for me will be running.