3 May 2012

Summer Lovin

I have four glorious months off from school. This fact has yet to sink in. It still feels like I should be studying for my next final or something. But as of right now, I am free.  I am excited for the adventures and the warm weather that summer brings.

I want to have a relaxing, yet productive summer. I would love to feel like I actually accomplished something other then a great tan (although I have no objections to the tan).

I would really like to start running this summer. Its something that I alway try to start doing, but I never actually stick with it. I hope that I can change that this summer and learn to love running.

I hope to read something of substance. While I love my junkie novels and they are a great way to relax, and I am not going to lie they will be what I'll be reading for the next week or so at least to get out of finals mode and give my brain a much needed break. Soon however I will be in need of some intellectual stimulation and I hope to read a variety of books this summer.  My list so far is mostly Jane Austin novels, as well as: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, Night and A Piece of Cake. 
I would love to know what's on your reading list this summer, or if you have any suggestions for me.

Strawberry Lemon-aid Cupcakes
Finally I want to make many delicious looking (and of course tasting) deserts. I want to make gourmet cupcakes and decorate sugar cookies. I love to bake but I feel like my presentation is often lacking. It is something that I hope to improve upon this summer.

Hopefully I can accomplish these three goals this summer. The biggest challenge, I think, for me will be running.

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