22 December 2011

Winter Checklist

There are just some winter traditions that are too good to give up. These are things that I have to do every year.

1. Make a gingerbread house.
Make it from scratch or grab a gingerbread house kit. It always means that the holidays are coming. The best part is using icing sugar to "make it snow".

2. Outdoor skating

This for me is a must! Every year I HAVE to go outdoor skating. I try to get as many people as possible to go with me. Usually it ends up being just one or two but it is so much fun anyways! Plus it makes for a great date. Just saying.

3. Peppermint hot chocolate
One of my favourite drinks. Its chocoately yet refreshing all in one. This usually follows outdoor skating. It is the perfect pair. Skating and hot chocolate.

4. Reading
Finals are done and I can read for fun without feeling guilty. Something about reading for pleasure when I am supposed to be reading textbooks makes me feel REALLY guilty. Even more so then when I am watching a movie. Strange, I know.

5. Baking
This year I am slightly obsessed with cookies and royal icing. I want to make pretty decorated cookies. Probably will get super frustrated and end up making cupcakes (got to stick to my strengths).

What are your favourite winter traditions?

19 December 2011

Home for the Holidays

First semester has come to a close! Exams and studying are FINALLY finished (for now). It is good to be home for the holidays. Its been way too long since I have been home and with my family. Far too long since I have seen my friends. I am looking forward to watching a ton of cheesy Christmas movies, baking some Christmas goodies and sipping mug after mug of hot chocolate (preferably peppermint hot chocolate). I love cozy winter days of reading a great novel while drinking tea or outdoor skating with christmas lights and music. Winter can be magical (at times, others its down right dreadful). I am wishing for snow this Christmas, its just not the same without it.
Less then a week until the big day. Until then I will be madly wrapping gifts!

29 August 2011

Once again...

I have been bitten by the blogging bug. The random need I seem to get everyone few months to blog. It lasts for about 3 to 6 blog posts and then I am usually "cured" for a few more months until the bug strikes again. Life gets busy and the creativity runs out and I no longer feel guilty for not updating (not that I really have any readers anymore) and the blog falls by the wayside. Oh well, that's life for you. It seems to strike every so often, usually around the holidays and back to school. And hey, what do you know I head back to school for my second year of university.

I am getting really excited for my second year. Its my first year really on my own, out of rez and in a home. I honestly cannot wait. It seems as though all my friends are back already and I am dying to get back to school. Strange I know. I am enjoying school and I am actually *gasp* loving learning. I love that I get to study what I'm ACTUALLY interested in.

So much in my life has changed since I started this blog five years ago, I almost feel like I need to reintroduce myself. I know its hard to believe! I find it entertaining to go back to some of my older posts and see what I wrote all those years ago. How my interests have changed (or stayed the same in many cases). I am still that Gilmore Girl loving (although slightly less obsessed), nerdy girl that I was when this thing started. I still read blogs on a daily basis although the blogs I read have changed quite a bit. Though there are still some that I have been reading since the start. Many of my favourites have stopped blogging or I have out grown them. I am hoping that this blogging bug will stick around a bit longer this time.


26 May 2011

Obsession: Couponing

Lately I have been obsessed with Extreme Couponing. If you are not familiar with the TLC show then seriously go turn on your TV and watch it. You know what I'll even save you the effort, click here and you will be magically transported by the magic of the internet to a clip of awesomeness. Seriously be excited.You will be HOOKED. It is actually so good in a weird sort of way. It is not something I think you can really do in Canada but I do enjoy watching people buy ridiculous amount of stuff. Oh TLC thank you for entertaining me with crazy shows that I couldn't watch anywhere else.

10 May 2011

Confession: I still read...

Cheesy Teen Novels. Like super cheesy. As in I can pretty much finish you in one sitting and if anyone caught me reading this I would be totally embarrassed but I will still take them out from the library cheesy.
Everyone likes to pretend that they read books that widen their horizon and have deeper meaning. And yes we do all read those books but sometimes I need a really junky novel. Something that totally takes my mind off of the world. I love to read, don't get me wrong. I love getting lost in a book. But these books allow me to let my mind go numb and I don't need to think. Which is sometimes all I really need. Especially after all the reading that I have to do for school its nice to read something where you don't really have to think too hard. Gives your mind a much needed mental break. Plus a part of me loves the silly love stories that take place in these novels. You may think I am crazy, many of you have probably already lost respect for me. But what can I say. Its an addiction... that really can't be cured.

4 May 2011

The Weight Issue

I have recently had discussions with many of my close friends about the pressures of being thin and having a positive self image. So many of my friends are suffering from eating disorders and it pains me to watch. They are all gorgeous girls and the least of their worries should be about the number on the scale. I feel like so many girls suffer from a negative self image and the centre of that is their weight and their eating habits. Its an issue that is discussed over and over. Yet so many girls are haunted by this demon. Who is it that we are trying to be super skinny for? Our friends? Our families? Boys? Ourselves? What is the ideal body weight?
I personally have never suffered from problems with my weight or have felt any pressure to be thin. That's not to say I don't have my "fat" days or the days when I am like wow I should probably eat some fruit or something seeing as I can't remember the last time I had an apple. But for the most part I have always been content with my body. When my one friend told me that she was recently suffering from issues with how she looked and wasn't eating I was shocked. I have know her for a number of years and she has always been around the same weight and has always been skinny.

Dear Friend*,
You are a beautiful person inside and out. You are a wonderful, caring, thoughtful person and an amazing friend. You are unique and special in your own way and have made my life better and more positive for so many reasons. Even if you can't believe it yourself know that I believe that you are gorgeous just the way you are right now. I do not need to you change in anyway. I love you just the way you are. Do not let anyone make you feel bad about yourself. They are not worth your time or energy. You place so much emphasis on what you feel is "bad" but forget all the good. If you need it I can come up with a list of reasons of what makes you beautiful and special. I believe in you and I want you to get better. I am here for you.
I love you,

*I have a lot of this to many of my friends who are suffering from eating disorders and thought I would share it here with you all.

25 March 2011

First Year

The past few weeks have been crazy. With midterms left and right I never left the study room on the floor and then midterms ended and less then favourable results from those midterms started to come back. Then panic sunk in finals are only 2 weeks away and I am in no way shape or form ready for them. Nor am I ready to leave this place in 5 short weeks. This past year has flown by and I worry that I did not get everything that I wanted to out of it and I worry that somewhere along the line I began to lose the person I was when I started here. What happened to the girl who was involved in everything and who was constantly busy, always on the move. The girl so strong in her values and morals, who knew what she wanted from life. Where did that girl go? First year university is an eye opener. You move away from home and are completely on your own away from your parents for the first time. You learn so much about yourself. For the most part I am happy with the person I am becoming but there are things from my past that I feel are slipping away which I would like to hold onto. I miss being the girl who got the grades, who had it all. When did I lose that? I feel like meeting all these new people being away from my family and friends I somehow started to mould myself into this new person who I am not sure I am 100% comfortable being.
Things did not work out with the boy across the hall. People warn you about floorcest for a reason. I should have known better and yet I do not regret putting myself out there. Perhaps we really could of had something. Who knows. I have met so many amazing new people and hopefully some life long friends. I would not change one thing about my first year experience, expect perhaps being more involved in clubs within the university. But these are things that I can work on next year, not all is lost. My floor is an amazing group of people and changing even one person would make it completely different. I have 5 weeks left here and its not too late to pull up my socks and get the grades I know I am capable of. To have fun at the last few parties of the year and to just hang out, watch movies and laugh with my floormates. I am sad that this year is coming to an end, it is one I wish would last longer. This chapter of my life is just starting but man the pages turning fast.

21 February 2011

Confession: I am obsessed with the

Its a slight problem that I have. I cannot seem to get enough of the Food Network. From Everyday Italian to Iron Chef to Ace of Cakes. I love it all. I watch them all.

Chopped, The Cupcake Challenge, Dinners Drive-in and Dives.

But my favourite has to be the Food Network Challenges. Making cakes
for every occasion and amazing sugar sculptures. How can you not fall in love with this channel?

One day I would love to go on a road trip and eat at some of the places that Guy visits on Dinner, Drive-ins and Dives. Honestly this is not a show you should watch while hungry.
Iron chef brings on a whole other group of issues. My mouth waters for foods that I know for a fact I hate and I sit there and judge based on platting and originality. I may or may not have a slight crush on Bobby Flay.
So now I have the urge to go to my kitchen and create some wonderful dish... or perhaps I'll just watch some more Food Network. We'll see.


6 February 2011


I am currently curled up in my bed in my dorm room. Our portable heater is going and I have a cup of tea beside me. My roommate is playing the sound of music soundtrack and I am about ready to curl up and fall asleep. I wish I could just sleep through the rest of February. I have serious issues with this month. Not only is it non stop snowing and freezing outside, I knew from the start that it would not be a good month. February first I was waiting for the bus when a car came and splashed all of us who were waiting with gross brown cold slushy water. Which by the way tasted very salty. I have been in a fight with on of my friend on my floor for about a week now and we are not talking. Gotta love living in close quarters with everyone. (It also doesn't help when everyone is sick.) Then to make things even better my cell phone decided to die on me yesterday so I am currently phone-less for an unknown period of time which is just so excellent. I never realized just how dependent I am on my cell phone. However I hate walking around campus at night without one. With Valentines Day coming up, lately I have been seeing couples EVERYWHERE. Seriously. They are just popping up all over the place. Its a rather depressing time to be single.
Heres to hoping that February gets better... fast.

3 February 2011

The Perks of Being a Wall Flower

I have been meaning to read this book for four years, ever since my grade nine english teacher recommend it. It was never available at the library and last month I finally remember to look for it at the bookstore. I am so happy that I found it and a little sad that I didn't read it earlier. If you have not read this book please stop reading my silly blog and go read it. Go. Now. I'm not kidding. You can thank me later.

Charlie does not participate in life. He is an observer. He quietly watches everyone around him and thinks to much about life. The books is a composition of letters that Charlie writes to an unnamed unknown friend. I don't want to give too much away and I don't want to say too much. I believe it is one of those books you need to discover for yourself. In a way I am happy that I read it after finishing high school because I was able to look back. I don't think I would have taken as much from this book if I read it in grade nine. I was just too innocent then and not fully aware of the evils of the world (not that I really think am now... but I am more aware then I was). It is a book I believe I will read again and again, recommend to all my friends and continue to take something from it.

This blog post sums up a lot of what I am feeling. I randomly found it through google images after finding this photo.

31 January 2011

Do, Date, Ditch

Do, Date, Ditch. Its very simple. You pick one to do, one to date and one to ditch.

Okay here's what I would do. I would Do Dan, Date Nate and Ditch Chuck. Why? This was a hard choice for me. But Dan is forever in love with Serena and Chuck has Blair and I wouldn't want to piss her off and then there is Nate. Who is beautiful and sweet. Who would you Do, Date, Ditch? Leave your answer in the comments.

27 January 2011

Old Favourites

We all have those blogs that we love to read. Ever so often we stumble upon a new blog here or there that we grow to love. I have been reading many different blogs for about four years now and some of my favourite bloggers are sadly no longer blogging. However four of my favourites who have been around since the start are still blogging and continue to inspire me. Two have grown and moved onto new blogs which I love just as much as the old and the others are still writing their original. Their blogs are ones that I visit on a regular basis, their wardrobes I have come to recognize and I often find myself thinking what would they do.

From her remixes, her labbit, and her travels Rebecca always gives me something interesting to read about. She inspires me to wear more skirts and sets my sights on traveling the world. I love reading her blog on a daily basis.

This is a new blog for this redheaded blogger. Her Embracing Mondays give me something to look forward to on Monday Mornings. Her blog is one that truly makes me think. While this is a new blog for her I cannot wait to see how it grows, it has already brought back so much of what I loved.

This blog. So much I could say. However what sums it up best is this blog was the first blog I started reading and Molly was on the first (and consistent) to comment on my posts. This blog is what made me want to blog. From her taste in music to her witty remarks it is truly a unique treasure out there in the blogosphere.

This is Tess's second blog and I love it just as much if not more then her first. Her book reviews, style files and outfit round ups are some of my favourite features. Her blog has a great balance of fashion and personal life along with little added bonuses that really make you think.

I highly recommend that you check out these lovely blogs. Let me know who your old favourite or new favourites are.

24 January 2011

Do, Date, Ditch

So this is a game that my friends and I enjoy playing when there are no guys around and we are just hanging out. Basically someone names three guys (people we know, famous people or characters from movies or TV shows) and everyone else has to decide which they would do, which they would date and which they would ditch. I thought it might be fun to play here. So sticking with my love of Gilmore Girls which of Rory's Three Guys would you Do, Date, Ditch?




I would Do Jess, Date Logan and Ditch Dean. I loved Jess but felt that Logan made a better boyfriend and I just really didn't like Dean at all. Let me know who you would Do, Date, Ditch in the comments!
Have a great weekend,

18 January 2011

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

So I thought that I would share a bit about my life at university. So here goes:

The Roommate:
The Good - She my best friend
The Bad- Her BF staying the night
The Ugly - Not talking for a week

The Guy Across the Hall:
The Good - He's attractive
The Bad - I'm attracted to him
The Ugly - Floorcest

The Living On Your Own:
The Good - Space from the famjam
The Bad - No home cooked meals. KD anyone?
The Ugly - Missing said famjam

The Classes:
The Good - They are actually interesting
The Bad - The work
The Ugly - 9 am Calc anyone?

The Science Labs:
The Good - Feeling Legit!
The Bad - 3 hours... REALLY?
The Ugly - Spilling chemicals on yourself

The Finals:
The Good - Doing better then expected
The Bad - Doing worst then expected
The Ugly - Telling the parents about The Bad.


14 January 2011

Sometimes people surprise you. Like tonight for example I was in the worst mood ever and a friend from high school who I never used to talk to about things came through for me tonight. We were never super close until the end of grade 12 when we went on a two week school trip together with only six other students and we all became really close. Usually our conversations are fairly light but today I was in full on rant mode. Thankfully he came through and gave great advice. It's strange the people you rely on and who are there for you. Sometimes its people who you don't expect. Its a funny thing really. We are hours away and yet he managed to tell me what I needed to hear and was able to make me feel better. What happened to make me so upset you ask? Well I fought with my crush. Over basically nothing. (I know I am no back in grade seven). Which ended with me in tears and the fight sort of being patched up. Seriously, don't ever like the guy across the hall. Its just plain messy, especially when other girls on the floor like him as well. Jealously, broken friendship and tears result. But actually. Guys are just confusing; one minute they like you and the next they don't. We live across the hall, have two classes together and have all the same friends. Yet we are both too scared to do anything incase something happens before the year is over and we will have to live across the hall for the rest of the year. I promised myself no "floorcest" ... lets see how long this lasts.