21 February 2011

Confession: I am obsessed with the

Its a slight problem that I have. I cannot seem to get enough of the Food Network. From Everyday Italian to Iron Chef to Ace of Cakes. I love it all. I watch them all.

Chopped, The Cupcake Challenge, Dinners Drive-in and Dives.

But my favourite has to be the Food Network Challenges. Making cakes
for every occasion and amazing sugar sculptures. How can you not fall in love with this channel?

One day I would love to go on a road trip and eat at some of the places that Guy visits on Dinner, Drive-ins and Dives. Honestly this is not a show you should watch while hungry.
Iron chef brings on a whole other group of issues. My mouth waters for foods that I know for a fact I hate and I sit there and judge based on platting and originality. I may or may not have a slight crush on Bobby Flay.
So now I have the urge to go to my kitchen and create some wonderful dish... or perhaps I'll just watch some more Food Network. We'll see.



  1. The Food Network frustrates me because they make it all look sooo easy and then what I make is.. well.. edible kind of haha.

    Are you getting into a house next year or staying in residence? Or does your residence actually have a decent kitchen that you can cook in? Lucky girl!

  2. I have found a house to live in next year. Which I am really excited about. As much as I love rez, I don't think I can handle caf food for another year.

  3. Okay, I just saw your comment and it made me super happy! I came back to let you know that I (er, my mom mostly) made cheesy sticks off the food network website and now I know you have a place! BIG SMILES.


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