6 February 2011


I am currently curled up in my bed in my dorm room. Our portable heater is going and I have a cup of tea beside me. My roommate is playing the sound of music soundtrack and I am about ready to curl up and fall asleep. I wish I could just sleep through the rest of February. I have serious issues with this month. Not only is it non stop snowing and freezing outside, I knew from the start that it would not be a good month. February first I was waiting for the bus when a car came and splashed all of us who were waiting with gross brown cold slushy water. Which by the way tasted very salty. I have been in a fight with on of my friend on my floor for about a week now and we are not talking. Gotta love living in close quarters with everyone. (It also doesn't help when everyone is sick.) Then to make things even better my cell phone decided to die on me yesterday so I am currently phone-less for an unknown period of time which is just so excellent. I never realized just how dependent I am on my cell phone. However I hate walking around campus at night without one. With Valentines Day coming up, lately I have been seeing couples EVERYWHERE. Seriously. They are just popping up all over the place. Its a rather depressing time to be single.
Heres to hoping that February gets better... fast.

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  1. I hate to tell you that February is not much better even when you're in a relationship. I long for even March when I can do productive things outside and takes pictures and paint my furniture.

    On the bright side, it gives for plenty of time reading the Perks of Being a Wallflower.

    I hope everything gets much better much sooner. <3


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