25 July 2007

I'll have a...

Grande White Chocolate Mocha with an extra shot please. This is what I heard when I was standing at the airport starbucks, when my parents where getting a coffee and I was like WHAT?!? To me a Grande White Chocolate Mocha with an extra shot is in another language, I mean do people actually know what this means? Its like the people at starbucks have formed their own coffee drinking language. And WHAT is a Venti cup? could someone PLEASE explain. Whatever happened to small, medium and large? I personally didn't get anything from starbucks for the fear of the humiliation of what happened last time i was there with my friends, they were all ordering Grande Lattes and Frappachinos (did i spell that right?) anyway I'm standing there trying to find a drink that doesn't have any coffee in it (I HATE COFFEE! I cant stand anything coffee flavoured)and everyone already knows what they are ordering so i go okay ill have a chocolate milk please because it was quick and easy and there is no way i could screw up ordering a chocolate milk. So then i get my chocolate milk and there was ICE in my MILK! I was like WHAT?!? Why is there ICE in my MILK? and my friends just looked at me and said shhh its supposed to be there, but no one told me why. Therefore I have decided to stay out of starbucks and just try to live my life in this coffee drinkers world that I am living in. All i want to know is that do i have to like coffee to learn this interesting and strang language that they speak?
ps. on a different non coffee note: I FINISHED HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS! it was AMAZING!!! words cant discribe.
pps. Sry about the lack of pictures once again.


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  2. Yea I don't drink coffee but don't ignore Starbucks. You should definitely order a Strawberry Frapachinno (no coffee) or the Vanilla Bean (no coffee either) and you can just say small, medium, or large. There are some great drinks!!Plus the bread there is divine! My reccomend:the Lemon loaf!Its to die for. And there are other drinks that don't have coffee too. Sometimes you can just ask your friend what he or she is getting and whether there's any coffe in it. Thats what I did once and the drink turned out to be be really good!

    p.s. I am such a dork I commented but spelled something wrong ughh that bugs me sometimes!

  3. Its funny how everything in starbucks is differnet from the rest of the coffee world. Small=Tall?
    That is so wrong.
    I asked for a small coffee once and the person and the counter stared at me like I had 3 heads.
    " You mean TALL?"

  4. i know what you mean, i swear, i just want to hear someone order COFFEE

  5. i dont like coffee either.. its bitter and it stains your teeth.. but i like the feeling oof just having a starbucks. so i usually order a pomengranate ice blend. tall, mind you :)

  6. sure i'll trade links with you!

  7. Hahaa...that cracks me up b/c when I go to Starbucks B4 school people are ordering the funniest things I've heard "triple shot double drip soy non fat vannilla venit latte" I mean whatever happened to hot chocolate? ;P

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