28 February 2009

Post Secrets

Heyy Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posting. As you may know I'm in my school play and its closing night tonight. Which is bitter sweet, I'll miss all the fun times, but I won't miss all the practices and being super tired. I will be glad to have free time back. I don't have much time to post since I have a bunch of homework to catch up on.
I love post secrets and here are some that I wanted to share with you:

I loved this one mostly because it has Lorelai Gilmore in it today

I hope that everyone has a good week.


14 February 2009

Happy Valentines Day - Special Guest Blogger

Heyy Everyone,
Happy Valentine's Day! I was talking to my friend who blogs Say Pleats! and she was telling me a funny story of what happened to her, which inspired this story for one of her English class, where she had to write from the perspective of a middle schooler. I thought that I would share it with you all. Here it is:

So I like this guy.
But I don't know if he likes me back. I've gone out with like, oh I dunno, 15 guys in the past three months to get over him but I can't. I mean, he is the most adorable person on the planet! With his adorable smile and his multicolor braces, and the saggy pants and the Abercrombie polo, what's not to love about him? The best part is that he reeks of Axe. It's almost like he takes a bath in it. I sit next to him in science class, and I purposely forget to bring my notebook every day to class so that he has to give me a piece of paper. And every single day, his loose leaf paper smells just like him. It's great.
So anyways, I want him to ask me to the eighth grade dance, which is only four months away. So that means that I need to find out if he likes me or not soon so that way I know if he is going to ask me to the dance or if I need to find some other guy to ask me to the dance. Because we all know that I can't ask him to the dance it's like an unwritten law or something.
I wanted to hang out with him and show him that I am just as charming out of school as I am in, so I called my friend Kristin, who has social studies with him and knows that I am like head over heels for this guy, and I had her IM him and ask him to come to the movies on Friday with me and Kristin. In order for him not to feel cornered or anything like that, I invited my other friends Kasia, Samantha, Alexandra, and Lauren, and then Lauren was bringing her brothers friend who is really cute, so that way he wouldn't be, like, the only guy.
Last minute, he backed out. He said he had to babysit his brother or something. Which is really geeky but kind of cute cause he is such a nice guy. So we went to the movies anyway, and I ended up telling my other good friend, Samantha, that I really really like him and have liked him for like 6 months. And since Samantha is in English with him, I told her to tell him what I think about him and then tell me what he says about if he would ask me to the eighth grade dance or not. She told me later that day over IM that he isn't sure whether or not he likes me, so he has to think about it.
Now, listen. I have a secret for you. So like two weeks ago when I was taking a break for about 3 days from boyfriends (this was after breaking up with Cameron because he smelled funny and then going out with Michael because he was really cute and he did my homework for me), I wrote a love note to the guy I told you I have liked for forever. It was all, "when you walk into class you brighten the room and you are so sweet and nice and I've liked you or forever and even though I tell everyone that I broke up with Cameron because he smelled like eggs, I really did it because I like you too much" and on and on. When I finished it, it was eight pages long. I have really wanted to give it to him, but instead of doing that I called Samantha, you know, the girl who I had talk to him about liking me, and I read all eight pages of it to her over the phone. She was like, "AHMG that is sooooo cute do you want me to tell him?" And I was like, "yeah obvi, and then tell me what he says so that way I know whether or not to talk to him in Science the period after you two have English together.
So she told him and he was like, "Wow that's sweet. I didn't know she liked me that much. Maybe I will ask her to the eight grade dahhhnce."
So when she told me I totally felt like flipping out I was so happy! But instead of dancing in the hallway, I totes changed my facebook status using facebook mobile on my phone to, "Bianca is totes so happy right now!"
So when I went to science we flirted the entire time, and then the next day at lunch, Luke, who was told by Alex, who was told my Samantha, who was told by my crush, asked me to the dance for my crush! I was like, "yeah, I guess that'd be cool, " because I wanted to keep my excitement down, ya know?
So two weeks later, we like broke up. I decided that he was too intellectual for me. I mean, it was like talking to a dead stick, and who wants that? So now, I found this ahhhhdorable guy in the cluster next to mine that I think likes me back… we'll see what happens!

Hopefully you enjoyed her story as much as I did. I hope that everyone has a great Valentines Day.

9 February 2009

Semi Dress

Heyy Everyone,

It once again has been a crazy week. This is the time of year at my school when all the major projects are due, plus play is in less then a month. I am in it this year, and it is a bit stressful, to say the least, but its fun, getting to know people from different grades, who you wouldn't normally get to see. Our semi formal was this past weekend, it was a lot of fun, and every one's dresses were really pretty. As per usual there was some drama, which I was not a part of thankfully, its so much more fun with having to deal with all that other stuff... gives you more time to dance the night away. The theme was masquerade, which made me think of Gossip Girl right away.

Here is the mask:

I bought the gold mask and added the feathers and the stick (wrapped in ribbon) to make it fancier.
I got both my shoes and my dress from Le Chateau. I really like their dresses and they have cheap but cute shoes.

I loved the bow at the back.And finally the dress...

I wanted something that I wouldn't normally get and was fun. I loved the colours and the print of this one. I am glad that I chose it. ( I pretty much tried on every dress in the store)

I hope that everyone has a good week, I will be back next week with a Valentine's Day/ possibly an outfit post.