24 February 2014

Have your cake

 I have become completely smitten with all things cake decorating. I really love the simple buttercream cakes. I am planning on improving my cake decorating skills and am signing up for a class that starts in March. I cannot wait.

The ruffle cake is probably my favourite. Apparently it is super easy to make. I cannot wait to try!

I love the simplicity of this cake. I think it would make a great wedding cake with some glitter heart toppers or something. 

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21 February 2014

In my bag

What's in my bag posts are some of my favourite posts to read. I don't know why but I love them.  I thought I would share with you whats usually in my bag.

I have a bit of thing for the colour red ever since buying my glasses. I just treated myself to this new purse from Kate Spade. I love how structured it is and the pop of colour that it adds to my outfits is great. 

Wallet. iPad Mini. Keys. Headphones. Advil. Nail File. Chapstick. Hand Cream. Extra Tea Bags.

Whats in your purse?
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19 February 2014

Ski Getaway

Last year for Reading Week, I went on a mini ski get away with some friends. I am not big into skiing but it was beautiful up on the mountain. There was also a lot of other fun activities to enjoy like outdoor skating and the spa. It was fun playing games and cozying up with hot chocolate in the cabin. It was a fun trip and a great getaway. Its too bad we couldn't work out a vacation somewhere warm this year!

17 February 2014

Reading Week Reading

Its officially Reading Week. I am lucky not to have any midterms to study for or that much work to do over the break. While I probably won't be reading textbooks for once - yay! I am looking forward to doing some reading. I cannot wait to spend my mornings in bed with a good book and a cup of tea. Or stay up late reading just one more chapter only to finish an entire novel. Here is what I will be reading this reading week: 

Any other suggestions? 

16 February 2014

Face Lift

I hope that you've noticed that Teacups and Cake looks a bit different. The changes to the blog were unexpected. I knew that I wanted to update some posts and make some small changes to the blog which some how turned into a complete overhaul. I was suddenly googling a ton of different HTML tutorial and learning how to use different unknown features on Photoshop. One thing led to another and suddenly the entire blog was getting a face lift. There are still some small changes and updates that I want to make but overall I am quite pleased with the results. I think it looks great and I am proud of all that I accomplished. I never thought I would be able to make so many changes on my own. I hope you like it as much as I do. Take some time to look around. I have a new Recipe and About Me pages as well! 
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14 February 2014

The Little Things

I am so excited to be heading into reading week this week. Its been a long January and I am completely ready for a break. I am sad that I am not able to escape the winter weather but I will be making the most of all the little things this week and enjoying some R&R. 

Wine and Netflix 

Pale Pink Sparkly Manicure

Accessories and Notebooks

Wall Art 

Fur Vests (H&M Kids) and Statement Necklaces (Chapters Indigo - on sale)

Cupcake Scented Candles 

Happy Valentine's Day. Take the time to appreciate the little things. 

12 February 2014

Mini Valentine's Day Doughnuts

I have been wanting to make mini doughnuts for a while now. They are popping up all over Pinterest. Valentine's Day seemed like the perfect excuse to make them. I went crazy looking for a mini doughnut pan but I couldn't find one anywhere and I wouldn't have gotten it on time if I ordered it online. Luckily I found a mini doughnut maker at the grocery store (of all places!). I was a bit skeptical at first about using the mini doughnut maker but I am happy with how they turned out. 

I got a little ambitious and made 3 different kinds of doughnuts: 
plain with vanilla glaze (Icing sugar, milk and vanilla)
red velvet with white chocolate glaze (I used the same recipe as the chocolate glaze but with white chocolate instead)

My favourite were the plain ones with the vanilla glaze. The recipe seemed to work best with the doughnut maker. The chocolate ones were very dense and I burned a few of the red velvet (I learned I had to give my doughnut maker a bit of a break).  

I packaged them up with tissue paper in little boxes I got from the dollar store and delivered them. They were a huge hit with everyone! 

Check out this post and others on: 
Life in Velvet

10 February 2014

DIY Love Jar

This is a cute and quick way to show someone that you love them. I had everything I needed to make my Love Jar around the house.  I got the idea from Collen Ludovic she has a full tutorial here.

I decorated the outside of my jar with glitter heart stickers that I got from Michael's. I covered the lid with some heart tissue paper I had left over from last year's Valentine's Day. 

I filled my jar with some cute notes, cinnamon hearts and Love Tea #7. I used the tea filters that I had and secured the end with some glitter heard stickers to make them a bit more festive.   

6 February 2014

My Signature Piece

I always thought that my signature piece would be a great coat or bag. Something that I would constantly reach for and become "known" for. I thought it would be something that I had invested a lot of money into. But I switch my bags often and the seasons change. I never really thought my signature piece would be my glasses. Its not something I planned. I obviously really liked them when I picked them out but usually glasses just become a part of the person and sort of fade into the background. I really only need my glasses when driving or to see the board at school. I am constantly taking them on and off depending on what I am doing. Reading or working on the computer they are off. In a store they are on. I loose them all over the house of this reason. I guess because I don't really need my glasses all the time when picking them out I decided to go bold and I went for a bright red frame. I really didn't think too much of it at the time but now as I start to think about maybe wanting a new pair of glasses I wonder if I can let go of my signature piece. I have never gotten so many complements on a pair of glasses before. Strangers have stopped me in the street to tell me they like my glasses. People remember me because of my red glasses. As I think of getting a new pair I wonder if I should stick with my signature and get another red frame or if that will defeat the purpose of getting new glasses. Its funny how much they have started to affect my style. I tend to buy colours that coordinate well with red. I own way more red clothing then I ever have in the past. Its strange how my glasses can really make or break a look. 

Do you have a signature piece? If so, what is it? 

5 February 2014

Valentine's Movie


I have a serious love of rom coms.  Trying to narrow down a list of movies for Valentine's was extremely difficult. I am sure I am missing a lot. I tried to give a good mix of romantic, funny and quirky depending on what mood you are in. I Hate Valentine's Day was one of the rare gems I have found on Netflix. It was one of those nights when I wanted to watch something new but I wanted to watch a rom com type movie and usually I have seen most of the decent ones on Netflix. I thought I would include it on the list as its not a blockbuster film but shouldn't be over looked. The boy and I watched The Vow the other night. We went to see it in theatres last valentines day and I liked it but it wasn't my favourite. But watching it again I really liked it. Mean Girls and Easy A are perfect for a girls night in.

What is your go to Valentine's Day movie?

3 February 2014

Links and Life

Walk Off the Earth Concert. A band the boy and I can agree on. They were amazing live. Probably one of the best concerts that I have been too. 

Puppy love. Can't wait for reading week and cuddles with the pups.

Blueberry Cheesecake. The fruit was so fresh and delicious. I also loved how the berries made up part of the crust rather then sitting on top of the cheesecake.

Went for breakfast with the boy. They have some great decor and even more delicious food. Which we totally ate before I got the chance to take a photo...oops.

Snowy drives.

Some Link Love
Canadian National Ballerina's share their love stories and some beautiful pictures. 

A long but interesting article on being gay in figure skating

Some suggestions on getting through Long Distance Relationships 

Of course I am loving David's Tea Valentine's Day gifts. I mean how cute is their tea filled card?

What are you loving this week? Share with me in the comments.