6 February 2014

My Signature Piece

I always thought that my signature piece would be a great coat or bag. Something that I would constantly reach for and become "known" for. I thought it would be something that I had invested a lot of money into. But I switch my bags often and the seasons change. I never really thought my signature piece would be my glasses. Its not something I planned. I obviously really liked them when I picked them out but usually glasses just become a part of the person and sort of fade into the background. I really only need my glasses when driving or to see the board at school. I am constantly taking them on and off depending on what I am doing. Reading or working on the computer they are off. In a store they are on. I loose them all over the house of this reason. I guess because I don't really need my glasses all the time when picking them out I decided to go bold and I went for a bright red frame. I really didn't think too much of it at the time but now as I start to think about maybe wanting a new pair of glasses I wonder if I can let go of my signature piece. I have never gotten so many complements on a pair of glasses before. Strangers have stopped me in the street to tell me they like my glasses. People remember me because of my red glasses. As I think of getting a new pair I wonder if I should stick with my signature and get another red frame or if that will defeat the purpose of getting new glasses. Its funny how much they have started to affect my style. I tend to buy colours that coordinate well with red. I own way more red clothing then I ever have in the past. Its strange how my glasses can really make or break a look. 

Do you have a signature piece? If so, what is it? 

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