26 December 2007

Boxing Day

Heyy Everyone,
I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas. I meant to post yesterday, but I never got a chance too. So Merry Christmas a little late. Today is Boxing Day in Canada, and I went to the mall, I didn't buy anything because the deals weren't amazing, but I did see some stuff that I like.
Hope everyone is having a good holiday so far. I have eaten so many sweets!

23 December 2007


This time of year always makes me want to craft and bake. Here are some of my creations, some are new and some are from years past. Enjoy!

So we got two of these shirts somewhere, the original is the one on the right, and I took it and cut it to get the one on the left, which is smaller and fits much better.

Back View.

The "new" shirt

Close up.. I swear that was the last shirt picture I had. lol

For a little while I was really into beading and making jewellery.

Lately I have really been into paper crafts, and I decided to try and make a book, it didn't turn out to bad for my first time.

Here is the book with a card I made for a friend.

I took a bunch of scrap papers, old pictures and magazine pictures that I like and stuck them together to make a book.

If you want more information on any of these just let me know.
Christmas Countdown: Two Days
Hope everyone is having a great holiday so far

19 December 2007


When I heard that Jamie Lynn Spears was pregnant, my jaw fell to the floor. I was all NO WAY, you LIE!! Its all just gossip! But alas it's true. She seemed so sweet, so innocent. It makes me wonder who is the better mother Jamie or Brit? Did she learn from her sisters mistakes...at least Brit was married. The poor kid, well unless Molly from ashcan rantings, is the baby's nanny.

Who would think that the girl who played Zoey 101 would be pregnant. What an example to set for young fans. The people young girls look up to are forever disapointing them.
Anyway what are your thoughts?

11 December 2007

Okay so I have major writers block! I have been racking my brain about what to post about next for days, and I have nothings, hopefully I will get some ideas soon. So you will have to listen to me ramble for a while. lol. Anyway it has been snowing a lot still here. I have my fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow. It is almost as if all the snow we haven't gotten in the past few years decided to come this year. I love the snow but hate the cold, what can I say I'm weird. There hasn't been any talk of if its going to be a white or green Christmas this year. Well I should get back to my piles of homework, I could be really lame and say it is piling up almost as much as the snow, but I'll save myself the humiliation.

I thought I would leave you with a picture from Gilmore Girls...Random I know but I Love Jess what can I say.

5 December 2007


It has been snowing like crazy here, there is like 30cm of snow on the ground and we had another snow day! I have been really busy there is a lot of work to get done before the Holidays. Anyway here is an outfit that I put together, enjoy!

This sweater is from Old Navy and is $69.50. It is 100% cashmere. I really like this colour, but it comes in a few others.

Guess Canada $93.44

This necklace is really pretty. It is from We Dream in Colour. $195

ALDO shoes. $160

Juicy Stella Scottie Hobo bag, from saks.com. $375

Hope everyone has a good week and Happy Hanukkkah.