19 December 2007


When I heard that Jamie Lynn Spears was pregnant, my jaw fell to the floor. I was all NO WAY, you LIE!! Its all just gossip! But alas it's true. She seemed so sweet, so innocent. It makes me wonder who is the better mother Jamie or Brit? Did she learn from her sisters mistakes...at least Brit was married. The poor kid, well unless Molly from ashcan rantings, is the baby's nanny.

Who would think that the girl who played Zoey 101 would be pregnant. What an example to set for young fans. The people young girls look up to are forever disapointing them.
Anyway what are your thoughts?


  1. I'm really interested in seeing the reactions that Nickelodeon and others have...

  2. HAHAH
    yesss i swear i will come save that child!

  3. this has made such big news, that even people that I thought were complete hermits (meaning they didn't know who Britney Spears is), knew about this...

    it's insane how big its gotten

  4. i totally agree.
    jamie-lynn had SUCH a good opportunity to look like the smart, innocent, cute sister, but nooo


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