23 December 2007


This time of year always makes me want to craft and bake. Here are some of my creations, some are new and some are from years past. Enjoy!

So we got two of these shirts somewhere, the original is the one on the right, and I took it and cut it to get the one on the left, which is smaller and fits much better.

Back View.

The "new" shirt

Close up.. I swear that was the last shirt picture I had. lol

For a little while I was really into beading and making jewellery.

Lately I have really been into paper crafts, and I decided to try and make a book, it didn't turn out to bad for my first time.

Here is the book with a card I made for a friend.

I took a bunch of scrap papers, old pictures and magazine pictures that I like and stuck them together to make a book.

If you want more information on any of these just let me know.
Christmas Countdown: Two Days
Hope everyone is having a great holiday so far


  1. oh i see how it is, you cut the CANADA part of the shirt!
    what, dont like us canadians???
    i keed, i keed
    but really, youre very creative!

  2. cool DIY, I like it


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