11 December 2007

Okay so I have major writers block! I have been racking my brain about what to post about next for days, and I have nothings, hopefully I will get some ideas soon. So you will have to listen to me ramble for a while. lol. Anyway it has been snowing a lot still here. I have my fingers crossed for a snow day tomorrow. It is almost as if all the snow we haven't gotten in the past few years decided to come this year. I love the snow but hate the cold, what can I say I'm weird. There hasn't been any talk of if its going to be a white or green Christmas this year. Well I should get back to my piles of homework, I could be really lame and say it is piling up almost as much as the snow, but I'll save myself the humiliation.

I thought I would leave you with a picture from Gilmore Girls...Random I know but I Love Jess what can I say.


  1. aww yay I loved Gilmore Girls too, except in the end I kind of stopped watching because of homework...and I never really kept up.

    but it will definitly be a "classic" in my book!

    and lucky, you get snowww, or the possibility of it at least

  2. ahhhh i hate bloggers block. haha

  3. aww bloggers block is the worst!
    try doing a christmas list of what youre asking for!

  4. yes, writers block does suck. as a matter of fact, i do not know what im writing about next either. its horrible. loll

    nice blog

  5. I know what you mean sometimes that happens grab a good magazine they are generally good inspiration.

  6. or do your opinion on this whole spears family madness...because it is really madness

  7. I loved Jess too. I thought she should have stayed with him instead of Logan.


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