29 September 2008


Hi everyone,
I am finding it harder and harder to find time to post. But in as I am avoiding physics even though I have a quiz tomorrow now seemed like the perfect time. ha ha. Last week I was in DC on a school trip, which meant shopping among other things. The trip was amazing, I learned so much and saw so many inspiring things. D.C. is beautiful and I loved all the monuments. I would love to go back one day. Here are some pictures from my trip:

I fed the birds, I felt like I was in Mary Poppins. :P

The White House. We didn't go inside because we didn't have time but we did a lot of other amazing things. We went to the Holocaust museum, which words can not describe.

Here is what I brought:

I was really sad that the mall that we went to didn't have an AA so I couldn't get the oversized cardigan that I wanted. I did however go into an Anthropologie. Let me just say that their website doesn't do the store justice, I didn't get anything from there though. I also went into a VS and I didn't see anything that I was dying to get so I held off. F21 was okay, I thought it would be a lot better, the prices were much better then they are here, but the selection surprisingly wasn't as great. I did find some stuff I liked though.

I got this shirt from Abercrombie Kids because it was cute and on sale. I really liked the cut, and it looks really good with jeans.

My Steve Madden boots. I love them, I have been looking everywhere for boots and I finally found some that I liked!

From Forever 21:

I couldn't find the sweater dress that I got online, but its sort of the love child between these two dresses. Its grey. When I'm not so lazy maybe I'll take a picture.

These tights are really cute, I love how they are ribbed. I was very disappointed that these were the only colour they had and the only style they had where they were footed tights. I was planning on loading up on tights while I was there but it didn't happen...oh well.

They also didn't have that many head bands. This one was cute and I really liked the colours and the pattern.

Anyway I hope you all have a good week. Hopefully I'll be able to post more soon. I better get back to studying.

Lots of Love,


19 September 2008

Toronto Film Festival, Canadian Idol and A Canadian Designer

Heyy Everyone!
I have quite the Canadian post for you today, from TIFF to Canadian Idol to Paper Bird! I got it all. I know that this post is a little late but it was half done and then I never got a chance to get back to it, so better late then never right? I am sorry I haven't been able to post as often as I like, I meant to have this post out last weekend but it has been crazy. I have been on a school trip, so I will have some pictures from that in my next post. The Toronto Film Festival was held a while ago now, it was early September. Here are some pictures from

Kira Knightly

Zac Efron and Claire Danes

Rachel McAdams

Paris Hilton

Brad Pitt

Emma Roberts

Jennifer Aniston

Jessica Biel

Kate Hudson

Canadian Idol winner was announced over a week ago now, but I am very happy that Theo Tams won. I voted for him, which by the way the voting becomes addicting. It's like a game, you feel as though you personally won when you get through. It is very amusing. Anyway Congrats Theo!

The next Canadian Designer that I wanted to feature is Paper Bird. All the clothing is hand made and it is from Vancouver.

I really like this dress, it is more of jumper I guess. I think it would look really good with a brighter shirt underneath.

This is my favourite look. I love the coat.

I really like the shoes and the shape of this dress. It would be very easy to dress it up or down.

Check out Paper Bird Here.

I hope that you all have a good week, and I will have a post from my trip very soon.

7 September 2008


Heyy Everyone,
I survived my first week of school. It really wasn't that bad. My classes are all pretty good, I have good teachers and friends in all my classes. Most of my classes are small which is nice. I already have homework in most of my classes. I have been avoiding my physics homework, which is not a good sign seeing as we are only 3 days into school. The weather is turning cooler, which is bitter sweet. I love fall clothes but I love the sun. Seeing as it is cooling down I decided to post about another Canadian Designer, she designes handmade knit wear. I have been lusting after these beautiful peices for months. Here are some of my favourites:

I love the simple design and the colour of this sweater. It can be worn forever, because it is so simple and classic.

This black sweater is another one of those peices that can be worn forever. It is simple and classic. I love the subtle detail of the argile print in the sweater.

These next two sweaters are from last years collection:

I love the colour of this sweater. It looks so warm and cozy, yet it still is fashionable.

This is another sweater that can be worn forever. I love the design down the side of the sweater as well as the charcol grey colour.
check it out here

That's all for me for now.
I will try to post regularly once a week on the weekends, so try to check back.
I hope everyone has a great week.