7 September 2008


Heyy Everyone,
I survived my first week of school. It really wasn't that bad. My classes are all pretty good, I have good teachers and friends in all my classes. Most of my classes are small which is nice. I already have homework in most of my classes. I have been avoiding my physics homework, which is not a good sign seeing as we are only 3 days into school. The weather is turning cooler, which is bitter sweet. I love fall clothes but I love the sun. Seeing as it is cooling down I decided to post about another Canadian Designer, she designes handmade knit wear. I have been lusting after these beautiful peices for months. Here are some of my favourites:

I love the simple design and the colour of this sweater. It can be worn forever, because it is so simple and classic.

This black sweater is another one of those peices that can be worn forever. It is simple and classic. I love the subtle detail of the argile print in the sweater.

These next two sweaters are from last years collection:

I love the colour of this sweater. It looks so warm and cozy, yet it still is fashionable.

This is another sweater that can be worn forever. I love the design down the side of the sweater as well as the charcol grey colour.
check it out here

That's all for me for now.
I will try to post regularly once a week on the weekends, so try to check back.
I hope everyone has a great week.


  1. Yeah London is getting COLD! An excuse to buy more knits maybe? I think so...

  2. Love that cozy sweather with the huge collar. Nice pics for fall.

  3. I'm glad your beginning of school wasn't that bad! I really like the designers model choice. <3

  4. AHH school! My classes are so tiny too... I love tiny university.. 12 person lecture, anyone? ahha.

    I need new sweater so badly... I'm always cold in the winter... I'm really eyeing that amazing turquoise one.

  5. ahh the sweater looks SO cosy!!

  6. Don't talk to me about physics! I have 3 hours flat on a monday!
    Those knits look so cozy, but it's still fairly hot here in france...annoying because i love fall fashions.

  7. Thanks so much much for the comment. Thanks for checking out Blue Hearts.

  8. I'm freezing too and i'm in a skirt as my uniform!
    I have sooooo much homework at the moment, I'm up till 8:30 most nights doin it! Oh well, Thats just school!

  9. Some people have comfort food, I have sweaters :]

  10. hope schools ok i have been not posting as regularly as well hopefully I can get back to my normal posting habit

  11. Glad your week went fine! School sucks for me..

  12. its so awesome that you feature canadian designers :)


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