31 August 2008

Shopping and DIY

Heyy Everyone,
I can't believe that it is already back to school on Tuesday. I don't know where my summer went. It went by so fast! I know that I said I would do a wish list post, however I am still not 100% sure of what I really want yet. I might just add an item to the end of each post for now, but I am not sure. I volunteered at a theatre camp the past 2 weeks and the first week the kids put on Horton hears a who and then they put on Wicked. I have had the Wicked songs stuck in my head for days. I went to see Vicky, Christina, Barcelona. yesterday, it was a pretty good movie, although I don't think that I really understood it. Barcelona was beautiful and I really want to visit it one day. I have been shopping which is always fun, and here is some of what I bought:

I got this grey vest, which I love.

I also got a beret. I have wanted one for a while, but I could never seem to find one that looked right. This one is perfect.

These headbands are really cute, and they are only $1.50 for 2. I couldn't resist. I got 2 black ones, a purple one and a white one.

I really wanted these Coach shoes for a while. I finally got them. I love them, they are very comfortable and cute.
I found an old card, and decided that it was too pretty to throw away, so I covered the inside with pink paper, and then glued in some post its. I love post it notes, they are one of the greatest inventions ever. I use them all the time. Now mine are covered and look like a note book, which is held closed by 2 buttons. If you would like more information on how to make one, just ask.

Anyways that's all for me for now. I am working on another Canadian designer post, so check back soon.



  1. bleh, i have to go back to school on tuesday too. D: i love your beret!

  2. you are so much more crafty than your twin sister.
    and that beret is ADORABLE!
    cutie pie.

  3. what a fab vest! I really need to invest in one!

  4. That beret is gorgeous! I love berets, but I never wear them because I never think they look nice on me. =/

  5. great diy. i really like your vest

  6. I have a strange addiction to berets.

  7. i love the shoes ad your DIY is fantastic i need more creativity

  8. I really like the coach shoes & the vest is awesome!!! I look weird in berets though :(

  9. ooh the grey sweater looks so cosy! i love grey

  10. ♥ U're invited to take a Tiffany cupcake @ my blog ♥


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