6 August 2008

Why am I covered in feathers?

Heyy Everyone,
So I went to the Rogers Cup, and it was a lot of fun. I now understand tennis, plus Nadal is very good looking so that did hurt either :P. I am really glad that I went.

Nadal changing his shirt... best part of the match. tee hee

The ball boys were HOT!

My cousin is here visiting from Alberta, which is why I haven't been able to post sooner. We went to the zoo the other day. It was a lot of fun. When I saw the giraffes I screamed, and everyone looked at me. It was pretty funny.

The butterflies were so beautiful and they would fly so close to you. It was amazing.

The Giraffe!!!

This picture kind of sucks because of the glass, but it was a boa, and when I saw it I was like "Am I the only one having a Harry Potter moment right now?" A lot of people turned to look at me and then laughed.

I am watching the Teen Choice awards as I write this, and I'm sorry but can I just say that Miley is very annoying. It's kind of bugging me. Personally I never really had a problem with her, but she is really starting to get on my nerves, and she is wearing WAY too much eye liner in my opinion. Also what is Lil Mama wearing, it's some pink and white shirt, that looks like she stole it from Little Bow Peep, (haha lame joke Lil bow peep... haha no okay). Um so the Jonas Brothers won the choice hotties award and they beat Chase Crawford!!! That is just so WRONG!!! If you are asking me that is.

Blake Lively at the awards. I love the colour of her dress.

Zac and Vanessa... the "it" couple

Leighton Meester

I went to the Breaking Dawn Release Party on Friday. My friends and I got there around 8:30 so we were the third in line, which was pretty cool. We drank Starbucks (read my Starbucks rant here)... yes even I found a drink I like. It was a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. Anyway, I didn't get to make a shirt for the event, but I saw some pretty cool ones, that I envied. Most people were Team Edward YAY! I think I only saw two Team Jacob shirts. The bookstore had trivia and Jacob and Edward drinks, I tried the Edward, it was pretty good. It was a fun night over all. I dressed up as Bella, wearing skinny jeans, a white eyelet shirt (which is what she wore to Forks the first day, its on the first page of Twilight) and a black coat. Some girls went in Prom Dresses others wore black and red.

My book:

The button and stickers I won playing Trivia:

The button says I was bitten by Breaking Dawn and the stickers say things like My heart belongs to Edward Cullen.

My Mask:

Its hard to tell but there are red sparkles on my mask as well as a white feather.

My thouhts on Breaking Dawn:

!Warning Contains Spoilers! (lots of them!)

I finished Breaking Dawn ( I avoided the Internet until I did). Personally it is my favourite book from the saga, however Twilight is a very VERY close second, it might be a tie. I thought that it was pretty predictable. I knew from the minute Bella threw up that she was pregnant. Although that is never something I would have guessed before hand. It was interesting to read book 2 from Jacob's perspective, even though I hated Jacob. I booed when he came back. (I do like him now though but I still love Edward.) Book 3 was by far the most interesting and I wish I could see Alice's perspective in some places. The fight between the Cullens and the Voturi was inevitable, but I wanted more action. It was tense but disappointing because there wasn't really a fight. I hate how Bella was so controlled as a newborn, it made me mad. All we heard was how hard it was to be a newborn and how you could think of nothing but your thirst and on her first try she avoids human blood, with out being restrained at all. I didn't really like Bella's superpower. I know that it is in the end what saved them from the Volturi, and I guess it is kind of cool how she can control it now, turning it on and off. Over all I really enjoyed the book, I thought it summed everything up and didn't leave me with too many answers although I would like to know more about Renesme's life. I was glad when Jacob imprinted on Renesme. He could finally leave Bella and Edward alone, plus he was no longer sad, which is good. However I don't really understand how that happened. I mean he is a ware wolf/shape shifter, and he is supposed to hate vampires so how is it that he imprinted on a half vampire. Will they be able to have kids? The whole point of imprinting is to keep the ware wolf gene alive, if Renesme can't have kids (which she might be able to because she is part human) then why did he imprint on her. Also if they have kids, what will they be, Vampire, ware wolf, human or all three. How will that work. I get that Edward and Bella fell in love and Edward is a vampire and she is a human and all. So Jacob falling in love with Renesme works, BUT he imprinted which is a biological thing from being a ware wolf. So it is a bit confusing. I have to say though the one thing that has always bothered me through out the saga (and this may be because I am such a Gilmore Girl fan) is that Bella and her mother are supposed to have such a close relationship and yet she hardly sees/hears from her. Bella and Charlie seem to be a lot closer. Even though I have talked a lot about what I didn't like in the book, I thought it was really really good, and I would recommend it of course. I love Edward even more, he supported Bella through everything, and he really loves her. I also love the fact that Bella is a mother, and that you get to see how much she loves Renesme and that she got that human experience as well as a family. Her and Edward have their own little family within the Cullen's which is perfect, although it kind of sucks that Nessie (before Bella called her Nessie and was set on Renesme I refused to call her Nessie as well. In order to support Bella. I like Nessie's middle name of Carlie a lot better then Renesme.) is growing up so fast. Anyway let me know what you thought of the book.

I hope that everyone has a good week. Check back soon for my review (okay well thoughts) on The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.


  1. cool! looks like fun, I love giraffes.

  2. i really need to read twilight but I am such a hardcore potter fanatic that I don't know if i would really like it since so many peoplecompare them. I tivo'd the teen chioce awards and still haven't gotton around to watching them but I can't wait. i really love bashing miely she just gets on my nerves

  3. Hudgens look amazing! I have always loved her style! Didn't really like Blake's though.

  4. I went to Barnes and Noble the day after the party and there was a big stack of stickers so I just took a sheet xD

    The comment about the boa made me laugh to no end.

  5. whoot!!! yay for another twilight fan ;D thanks so much for your comment, i really love your blog!!! i hope you don't mind if i link it :))) btw the picture of the butterfly is beautiful!!! xoxo, lulu

  6. you had a fun day at the zoo. went to a enclosed garden once and there are hundreds of butterflies just floating. it was quite an experience as i had never seen butterflies that close or big. have a savvy day!

  7. I love animal prints...that's not really the same as the zoo, is it...huh.

    too bad for Federer...since Wimbledon he's been going downhill. I was surprised not to see him in the finals!

    I haven't read the twilight series, I plan to before the movie just so I'm not one of those girls who watches movies before reading the book. And I HAVE to see the movie cause of Robert Pattinson...steamy!

    Plus he played Cedric Diggory...also steamy.

  8. I'm funny, really? aww, gee thanks for your comment. made me smile :)

    But, I have to say, I wrote a comment first but exited on accident...at which point it was lost...and now I'm sad.


  9. ...... YUM.
    Tenis players.
    I really wish we had a zoo near me... we have horses. Which are gorgeous... but still. Ain't no elephant!

  10. thank you~ i love your name btw.

  11. ah i read this book in a day i loved it. i think they can have kids since she has a heart beat and all that good stuff. im glad jacob imprinted on her i always felt bad for him. the ending was very cute, they are together forever, awwww

  12. I love Nadal.

    Your mask is pretty too, although I have never heard of Breaking Dawn.

  13. I love going to Tennis Matches. How fun that you got to see Nadal in person, he's a favorite here!! :)

  14. I love the color of blake and leighton's dress, they look fab.

  15. Leighton totally beats Blake at fashion.

  16. i loooooved breaking dawn too. i may be a little obsessed, considering i'm reading it for the second time, but yeah, i agree about jacob. cuase renesmee will be stuck at like 6 and a half of whatever it is just like the nahuel guy was, so i don't think they could even have kids anyway. and also, i wish there woulda been fighting too haha. but idk how people don't like the book. i liked how it was a happy ending (for everyone) and not all depressing.


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