19 August 2008


Heyy Everyone,

It's that time of year when everyone is posting their back to school wish lists.

My school has a uniform, with which I have a love, hate relationship. I hate not being able to wear whatever I want, but on the other hand knowing exactly what I am going to wear in the morning is a big time saver. It also makes the days when you can wear your street clothes a lot more fun. Many people put more effort into those outfits, since they can't wear them all the time. My school is very strict on what we can and can't wear with our uniforms. The only way that we can spice up our uniforms is with accessories, and even some of those are limited. So I decided to do a post of different accessories that I can wear with my uniform and some of which I wouldn't mind getting. I got my inspiration from Gossip Girl, so you will see a mix of Blair, Serena, and Jenny inspired pieces. I will do a non-uniform wish list soon. The post is pretty long, however there are a lot of pictures.

The basic pieces of my uniform are a kilt, white button down shirt, a tie, and either a sweater or a blazer.
We are allowed to wear shirts that aren't from the school here are a few that I found:

From American Eagle:

I really like this one; it has three-quarter length selves. It still keeps you warm and it looks good with a vest.

From Forever 21:

From Nordstorm:

Another 3/4 length . I really like the detail on the sleeves, with the buttons.

We have to wear black shoes, and I personally like them with a small heel or no heel at all, since I have to wear them all day long.

From Coach:

I really like these Coach shoes, they are extremely cute, and I love the buckle.

From Forever 21:

These are cute, if you would like something higher.

From Steve Madden:

I love the button and the slight heel. I am thinking of getting these ones for my school shoes.

From Aldo:

I really like these ones as well. I love the crisscross straps. They are different from the other flats that I have seen at Aldo.These a fairly simple and cute.
I really like the slight heel in these as well, and also the knot detail at the front.
I personally love the inside pattern of the shoe.

Serena is well known for wearing boots. While we aren't allowed to wear boots during school hours we can wear them to and from school.

From Aldo:

I really like the colour and the buckle detail on this boot. The heel on this boot is the perfect height. It is low enough that it would be comfortable for a long period of time, yet high enough so you feel like you are wearing heels.

I really like this suede boot.

From Nordstorm:

It looks more like a riding boot, and reminds me of the boots Serena wore in the first episode.

Jenny tends to wear a lot of hats. Here are some cute ones that I found:

From Aldo:

I really like the black trim on this hat, as well as the bow.

This beret is really cute, and I really like the pom pom!

From Anthropologie:

From Shopbop:

From Forever 21: From Fashion Flare:
I love this plaid. This hat came in a few different colours, my favourite was red, but I couldn't get a full picture of the hat.

From Gap:

From Juicy:

I really like both of these hats, (its the same hat in different colours, but they looks so completely different!) I really like the bow detail.

While all the character's wear headbands, Blair is the best known for them. Here are some Blair inspired headbands that I found:

From Forever 21: (Most of these come in different colours)
I love skinny head bands

The sequin is amazing. My friend has this and I am always stealing it.

From Heart on your head by Mary:

I love the leopard print and the bow The three hearts are so simple and cute

We wear either knee-highs or tights with our kilt. Here are some of my favourites:

From Forever 21:

These tights look thicker and would be better for the winter months

I really love the texture on these tights, its adds more to your uniform with very little effort.

From American Apparel:

I like the texture on these tights also.

All the girls on Gossip Girl have great statment bags. Here are some that I found:

From Aldo:

I love the lock and key on the bag, it such a cute detail.

From Coach:
I love this colour!
From Juicy:
From Urban Outfiters:
I love the plaid.

The Girls from Gossip Girl tend to wear bright interesting and eye poping coats.

From BB Dakota:
I love the sleeves on this jacket

From Gap:

This is a great little leather bomber. From Forever 21:

I think that this coat looks the most like the one Serena is wearing above.

From Urban Outfiters:
From Delia's
I love the colour of this coat.

I tend to not wear a lot of jewerlly at school, as it gets in the way. I do like to wear bracletes becuase they are easy to put on and they can be seen the best when I wear my uniform. We are not allowed to wear huge necklaces so bracletes are the best way to go. Here are some of my favourites:

From Anthropologie:
I love the bow!

From Coach:

From Tiffany's and Co:

I really want a charm braclete from Tiffany's.

From Urban Outfiters:I love the feather design
These are two bangles. I really like how they look together, but they can also be worn apart.

The Cast of Gossip Girl looking good in their uniforms:

So I didn't really mean for this post to be so much about Gossip Girl, but I really love how they wear their uniforms. Although it seems fitting what with Season One coming out on DVD today.
I hope that you enjoyed the post and found it useful/helpful. Even if you don't wear a uniform I hope that you took something from it.
Have a great week,


  1. I don't wear a uniform at my school in france, but i used to in the UK, and i remember wearing a pleated skirt instead of the allowed A-line in an effort make it more original. You're so lucky being able to wear a kilt, and white shirts, ours were apple-green with navy skirts and they were hideous. I love that plaid bag.

  2. wow you did a fab job of really finding great matches for gossip girl style :) i never had this much fun when I had to wear a uniform, but you will certainly be chic this fall!

  3. Aww I remember the uniform days... so glad I left that school before I developed style! Otherwise, my parents would hate dealing with me.

    Thank you so much for featuring my website! It's next to all these GORGEOUS picks and I'm beyond flattered!

  4. your post is really making me miss my private school days. =/ i wasn't that into fashion so i never really took advantage of having to wear a uniform. =/

  5. I love this post.Its very helpful.
    I go to a Catholic School so we have uniforms. I agree, it's kinda great because you don't need to be fussing on what will you wear the next day.

    We actually have casual days, where we can wear anything that we want, (Wednesday). Ever since the show Gossip Girl aired, lets just say... our school became more colorful lol

  6. I don't have to wear a uniform at my school, but it's such a drag getting ready in the morning.

  7. Wow,
    Ur sooooo lucky to have all that choice!
    All my school we have to wear a blazer,we're not alowwed any jewellry apart from earings and even out shirts have to be from a certain shop that only has 1 kind. It is privet though.
    Once you hav sorted out your uniform be sure to post a pic of it. Im sure it will look great!

  8. The only time I have ever had to wear a uniform is when I went to a British pre-school, and we all wore cute plaid jumpers and headbands, which I still own actually. This post is making me miss that..

    Your picks are great and I love all of the headbands and tights you featured, as well as the beret. The color of the second Coach bag is lovely also.

  9. GG screencaps are always good references for school uniforms.

    I always can appreciate the beauty of a nice, crisp oxford...

  10. i miss uniforms, i luckily had cute ones! and who doesn't heart gossip girls. XOXO!!!!


  11. Wow, I loveall your picks!!! & those Coach ones are amazing.

  12. to tell you the truth i do kind of miss my uniforms they were navy blue and white so I didn't have the plaid so that made it better and I could justify spending money on coach flats because I wouldn't have much school clothes to buy but private school is expensive and well so are uniforms sometimes

  13. these are all so cute, especially the boots. I love the gossip girl style its so preppy and casual and chic and amazing.

  14. GREAT post! it makes me want to have a uniform. you definitely pulled some amazing ideas from gossip girl!! love it!


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