14 August 2008

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

Heyy Everyone,

!Warning Contains Spoilers!

I went to see the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 the other day. I personally didn't like it at all. It ruined the books for me, since they put the last 3 books into the one movie, it made the girls stories seem rushed and incomplete. Some characters were missing such as Carmen's love interest Win and her step brother and sister. Lena's sister Effie wasn't in the last movie, however she was in this one. They left out Eric, so Bridget had no love interest through out the story. Lena's grandmother never comes to stay with them and Kostso doesn't come back before he finds out his girlfriend back home is pregnant, as well as Lena and her father never fight about her going to art school. Bridget goes to see her grandmother, but she doesn't pretend to be someone different, and she doesn't meet her childhood friend and fall back in love with soccer. Carmen never looks after Lena's grandmother, nor does she go through a hard time with her mother's pregnancy like she does in the book. Tibby's sister never falls out of the window, she doesn't make her movie about her mother or Bailey. All four of the girls do not go to the beach house or to prom. That was a really long and detailed way to say that a lot was left out. Since so much was left out stories they had to be altered and changed. We didn't get to see the struggles that the girls went through to in their fullest and the strong emotions that were in the books just wasn't there. I know that the movie is never as good as the books, but this was really disappointing. I am sure it would be a good movie if you never read the books. The acting was all really good, the only problem I had was that Alexis Bedel will always be Rory Gilmore to me. A lot of what she said reminded me of Rory. Oh well that's what I get for being a Gilmore Girl fanatic. The best part of the movie was when all the girls were together in Greece, it was beautiful there.

All four girls at the premiere. I love Blake and Alexis' dresses.

I'm not sure if this is from when the first movie came out. But I was having trouble finding pictures of Alexis and Amber so I decided to throw it in.

Many of you are aware of Post Secret, well now there is this really cool thing going on for teens where they submit their story in only 6 words. You can check it out here. Some of these 6 word stories are extremely cool, and really tell you a lot about the persons life. It is amazing what you can say with only 6 words.

Here is some that I thought up (though they really reflect my life completely): Stupid decision. Some mistakes. No regrets. The second one I thought up was: The boy didn't deserve her tears.

If you have any six work stories, and you feel comfortable please share them with me in the comments and/or send them in.

Anyway that's all for now.


  1. i read the first 3 books, but basically forgot them all when i saw the film, still i did realize that they cut a lot out. like why did carmen go to yale, she's at williams! since i come from a slightly dif perspective than you, (former fan, but don't remember most of it)i can honestly say it wasn't that good of a film. carmen had no redeeming qualities, most of the movie she was a witch to everyone else, especially her friends, so was definitely irked by her. bridget wasn't developed enough for me to care, and it bothered me that every character had to cry at least once, but her scene seemed the most contrived (plus where is her brother in the film!?). i liked lena, but they didn't show her enough. and i did enjoy tibby, amber has great comic timing, but the whole thing just seemed jam packed with melodrama, it was a bit much

  2. I like all the actresses. Maybe the writing wasn't as good this time around? Sometimes the movie translation ends up sucking really badly.

  3. I hate it when they muck up books to make them into a film, it really annoys me.

  4. Very cool about the six word stories. I had to stop reading your first paragraph though--too many spoilers! I haven't read the books and I should be seeing the film soon, so although it might not be awesome I still don't want to know what happens!

  5. thankyou for commenting on my blog!
    yours is adorable!!!

  6. I am going to smithteens now! & yes, I LOVE THE FIRST ONE! Can't wait for the 2nd one! The greece guy is so hot ;)

  7. I actually really loved it, it was so sweet but I guess thats because I didnt read the books?

  8. I haven't seen it yet so I'll wait to read your review. I loved the first one though!

  9. Ughh I find movies are never as good as the books. I did love lord of the rings though.. geez with all the stuff they left out though... i'm amazed they had a movie at all? I liked the first sisterhood because it was light and cute and the characters were all adorable...

    my six word story?
    didnt eat, ate a lot. imbalance.
    story of my life?

  10. I haven't seen it yet, but the first one was pretty good, besides the cheesy parts. Apparently the books are much better though? That's what they always say.

    The six letter stories are cool.
    I may submit one if I think of it.


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