31 May 2013

Binge TV

It is no secret that I love TV. My classmates always marvel at how I find time to watch as much TV as I do. Its almost sad if it weren't so good. haha. I am known to keep up on all the TV shows and randomly reference them here or there. While I love watching TV live (as in keeping up with a show week to week) my favourite thing to do is binge on shows. Something I am known to do in the summer especially. Pick a show (or two) and watch every. single. episode. That is just what I plan on doing this summer with Parenthood (and potentially others. I am open to suggestions).

My Top 5 TV show Binges:

Gilmore Girls - This goes without saying. It should really be at the top of everyone's list. It is probably the best show ever made. I could (and do) watch this over and over again, that my friends is a sign of an excellent tv show. Its basically timeless. 

 The OC - This is your typical teen drama. I actually never saw an episode while it was on TV, then once summer decided it was about time I watched it.  Its one of those series that you can just sit down and watch show after show and not get bored or tired of the characters. Plus Seth is like my ideal guy and I have the biggest girl crush on Rachel Bilson.
 Grey's Anatomy - I didn't watch the first three or four seasons when they first came out on TV. So naturally, I had to catch up. This show has become a Thursday night ritual but it is just as fun to binge on. I love handing the seasons to a friend and asking so what part you at now. Good times. 
 One Tree Hill - I have two seasons left of this and I do not want it to end. Teenage drama and basketball, yes please. 

How I met Your Mother - The BF and I watched this on Netflix during the school year (which was probably not the best idea ever). The first few seasons are amazing then it begins to go downhill.  But unlike the other shows these episodes are only 20 minutes long which is awesome when you want to watch something quickly and don't have a ton of time.

What are your favourite TV shows to binge on/ suggestions for what I should watch next? 

23 May 2013

Weekend Packing

I always tend to overpack for weekend trips. This time I tried to keep it simple and only bring enough clothes for the 3 days. Things I knew that I could mix and match and items that would work for both day and night. 

I will be wearing jeans and a military jacket while traveling along with my boots, hat and a cute scarf. I always try to wear my bulkiest items so that I can fit more into my bag. 

I will be packing a maxi dress which I know I will be able to wear into the evening. A striped shirt to go with my jeans or my printed shorts. Plus I will be bringing my chambray shirt which can be worn with just about everything. 

In addition to clothes I will be packing my ipad mini, a book, my beauty essentials, watch, belt, and headphones.  Plus one other pair of shoes probably my flip flops which aren't pictured. 

What do you bring when you pack for a weekend? 

21 May 2013

Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer Beauty

With summer just around the corner its time to start lighting my beauty routine and including some more products with SPF. The hot summer heat means that I don't want to layer a ton of make up on my face and I hopefully have a nice natural glow. Here are my summer beauty essentials: 

Sunscreen - Sunscreen is a must in the summer. I burn very quickly so I always start out with a good base of sunscreen. I love this one because it goes on smoothly and isn't greasy at all. 

BB Cream - I tend not to wear foundation in the summer but I do still like some coverage. I am loving this BB Cream. It is light and has SPF 30 so I can skip the sunscreen step and be out the door that much faster. It provides a light coverage thats just enough to cover those imperfections. 

Lipgloss - I love a shine on my lips but we can't forget that they also can burn. This lipgloss has some protection and a great shine. 

Mascara - I can't leave the house without. I have been using Great Last since forever. I love blackest black and will only use waterproof if I know I will be going swimming that day. 

Nail Polish - I love a bright polish in the summer and Essie has a ton of great shades to choose from. I currently have this one (Mesmerized) on my toes!

What are your summer beauty essentials? 

17 May 2013

Iced Tea

As the weather is heating up and summer is fast approaching I have been loving Iced Teas. I drink tea all day long and that usually includes some iced tea. I usually always have a pitcher of iced tea on hand.  I find herbal teas make the best iced teas but I also have some other favourites as well. They all are on the fruity side because that is my personal preference.  To make my iced tea I brew my tea as normal and if I am going to be drinking it right away I will strain it over ice, if not I will put the entire pitcher in the fridge to drink later. 

Here are my favourite iced teas from David's Tea

Iced Teas

Herbal Iced Teas

What is your favourite iced tea flavour?

15 May 2013

Summer Reading

One of my favourite things about summer (or all breaks from school) is that I can read for pleasure. I love reading and as soon as I have a break in school I seem to devour books. For a while I felt guilty reading for pleasure when I could be reading textbooks. This year I did my best not to feel guilty and read more for pleasure. I did find however, that I was often too tired at night to read and often opted to watch tv instead. Now that its summer I am ready to dive into this book list: 

 It is no secret that I love Lauren Graham. I am hoping her awesomeness shines through in her novel. 
 I have seen this on a number of must read lists and my mom said it was good. So I will be giving it a read.
 Part of my goal to read all of Jane Austin
 I have been meaning to read this FOREVER. Loved the Kite Runner.
Another book that I have seen on a number of lists. Just took it out from the library. Can't wait to start it. 

I am sure my list will grow as summer goes on. I will be sure to share more with you soon. 
What's on your summer must read list? 

13 May 2013

25 by 25 Update

I posted my 25 by 25 a year ago. I thought I would give an update.

1. Graduate University - Still working at this.

2. Buy a car 

3. Take a cake decorating class 

4. Go to Europe - hopefully within the next two years

5. Run a race - I just need to gain the courage to sign up for one and train! 

6. Throw a dinner party - Do potlucks count?

7. Watch all of Sex in the City 

8. Take a ballroom dancing class 

9. Get a real job - Need to complete 1. first, on my with with an internship!

10. Buy a great pair of shoes 

11. Read all the Jane Austin novels - Working on this. Reading Emma at the moment

12.  Have my own place 

13. Make Macaroons - Happening this summer!

14. Make a cupcake tower for something special 

15.  Do another service trip 

16. Road trip

17. Go to a sporting event 

18. Have a pet of my own (even if its just a fish)

19.  Go to Vancouver 

20.  Find my signature drink  

21. Have a girls weekend 

22. Learn to play a song on guitar

23. Keep a journal 

24. Invest in a good camera 

25. Dream Big  

I have a lot left on my list still. Some are on going and others I need to graduate in order to complete. 

8 May 2013

Hair Inspiration

Recently I decided that I was sick of my hair and it was time to cut it off. I wanted something long enough that it could still be put into a pony tail but I wanted it to have body and just be overall easier to manage. I decided on a medium length style and I wanted something that framed my face. I am not big on bangs and wanted to avoid them. Here is some of my hair inspiration. 

 Alexandra Chando 
 A random hair model 
Sophia Bush 

What do you think of these medium  length hair styles? 

6 May 2013

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day

TopBox Perfume Sampler -  I love the idea of letting Mom pick out her own perfume. I know my mom loves perfume but I never know which one to get her. This takes out all the guessing. Plus the sample sizes are perfect for travel. Shoppers also has a version of this that you can get in stores. 

Purse - I love this bag from Danier Leather. It comes in a bunch of bright colours perfect for spring. 

Pendant - This pendant is from Tiffany's and it is has a Great Gatsby flair which I love.

Candle - If your mother is anything like mine then she loves candles. These candles from Anthropologie  are beautiful and smell great.

Body Shop - Give your mom what she needs to pamper herself from The Body Shop. They have a ton of different products, great kits and they all smell amazing!

What are you getting your mom this year?

2 May 2013

Quiet Nights

Sometimes you just need a quiet night in. A night to yourself. Sometimes I love just curling up on the couch with a glass of wine, some chick flicks and painting my nails. Its the perfect me time. I needed it to recoup from exams and assignments. It was the perfect way to relax and say hello to summer! 

How do you relax?