23 October 2008


Hey Everyone,
I have once again been tagged. Thank You, Rebel Angel for tagging me. I didn't really have an idea for this weeks post and now I do.
Six Random Things About Me:
1. I eat chocolate ice cream while studying
2. I procrastinate as much as possible, then I get really stressed and then I break down and then I suck it up and get my work done. I always say I start earlier next time and never do.
3. I have a double pierced ears
4. If I don't read before bed it takes me longer to fall asleep
5. I suck at Rock Band. I can hardly play easy and I can't play the drums to save my life.
6. I am a music loser... I like to listen to music but I don't really care what I listen too. I wouldn't be able to tell you the name of a song, and who sings off the top of my head.
Six Random Things I Like:
1. BBQ corn on the cob
2. Birthday cake... its so much better then regular cake
3. Gossip Girl
4. Wool socks - they are so warm and fuzzy, the ones from Roots are the best since they aren't itchy.
5. Microsoft One Note 2007, if you haven't tried it go try it now, its so cool!
6. Sleeping in until 11
Six Random Things I Don't Like:
1. Snow in October!!!
2. the new facebook
3. physics and vectors
4. being sick
5. people who walk really slow
6. when your cell phone dies right as you need to use it, but it was fine the day before when you had no use for it.
Six (not random) Bloggers I Tag:
1. Say Pleats
2. Hail Mary
3. The Wandering Alchemist
4.Fashion Insider
5:A side order of style
6: Anyone else who wishes

To keep with the theme here are six (random) star styles that I liked lately:

I like what the first three are wearing because they are around my age and they usually dress their age, and not to slutty or old, unlike some I could mention.
I love Emma's dress.

I really like Selena's dress too. I love the pattern. She looks really good in this picture.
Emma always looks great! I almost always love what she is wearing.
I love Rachel's boots, they are really cute. She looks really chic yet effortless here.
I am not sure that I love Posh's new cut, but I love her vest.

I think that Katie's look is my favourite. It is cute and simple. I can see myself wearing this.

I hope everyone has an amazing week,


  1. OMG anything related to physics I DONT LIKE. :s

  2. haha i dont like the new facebook either!

  3. 'm having a hard time ajusting o facebook too

  4. rachel bilson is an icon !!! so nice and smart !

  5. Rachel's boots are really cute! Infact I like her whole outfit =]

  6. rachel bilson always looks amazing. laid back but striking


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