6 October 2008

Time Flys!

Hey Everyone!
I have been super busy, as I know most of you are. I wish I could post more often, but unfortunately with all my other commitments I can't. I try to post as often as I can, and I do try to comment back on every one's comments and I am trying to make my rounds on all the blogs I enjoy reading, but life gets in the way sometimes. So I'm sorry for my craziness. The sad part is that I don't have a great post planned for this week, I have a bit of a writers block (I blame physics!!! ha ha why not right?) I do have a (Canadian) Thanksgiving post planned and in the works, so until then:

I was very upset that Gossip Girl was old last night ( I hear that it might be new on CW which I don't have :( so I will be stocking youtube for it).
I loved the dress Jenny wore in the last episode:

So for the past few weeks I have been racking my brains trying to figure out who Catherine was on a different show. My friend finally pointed out that she was Sherry from Gilmore Girls. I was like OHHH YA!! haha, and I call myself a major fan. If you just listen to her voice you can tell right away. Spooky, (Sookie, haha okay no) oh well it just gave me another reason to hate her. haha.

See same person!!!!

Okay moving on...

So I have talked about Mark by Avon before and I just got another one of their catalogs and I can't help but love some of their stuff.

I love the shape of this bag, and the bright blue colour, it also comes in yellow as you can see. It is only $30!

I really like this dress it would look great with a bunch of different coloured tights, yellow, blue, brown etc. It would also look really great with my new boots. Its $28
I like the print on this dress. I would wear it with tights just because it looks a little short. This dress would be great to spice up with big colourful accessories. Its also $28
This sweater/wrap is great. It cab be worn so many different ways ( I like it the way it is shown in the big picture and open the best). It has so many possibles and can be worn with a ton of different things. Its $28. I find that Mark products all can be worn with many different things, and many different ways, which means that they will fit into a bunch of different wardrobes. I love the versatility of it.

I hope that you all have a great week. I must get back to my homework. I will post my Thanksgiving post this weekend. I will have time then. I hope you enjoyed my crazy last minute post for this week.

Lots of love,


  1. That bag is great for only $30!! Especially in yellow, lovely =]

  2. HOLLER.
    love the bag in the blue SOSOSOSO cute you have impeccable taste missy. and yes, that dress would look fantabulous with the boots that i am so jealoust hat you have! i've been looking up and down for a pair! i found a pair, but lets just say i'll be paying na arm and a leg for them...
    and I MISS YOU. i'll call you soon i pinky swear. but i might call sooner if i get a letter in my mailbox soon...xoxoxoxo b

  3. Ohyes, I nearly cried when I saw that it was a repeat! Sigh. I was hoping to see how Blair gets her throne back!!!

  4. oh my goodness, I'm so late on gossip girl!

    I love Jenny, she's fantastic :)

    If you live in Canada, you can watch it online for free, but I dont' think you are...which makes this absolutely no help...

  5. I like the wrap shirt. I loved that episode of GG.

  6. Ugh, writers block sucks! PS, everyone is nuts about Gossip Girl in England...

  7. Avon... sells... good clothes... WHAT?! LOVE that bag!

    Also love that Blair always matches her headbands perfectly to her dresses... I need to work on that skill!

  8. OH. I had only watched the episodes with whatshername recently, and she DID look familiar.

    I should've known it was Sherry. I was the biggest Gilmore Girls fan too. Good call on that one!


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