13 May 2013

25 by 25 Update

I posted my 25 by 25 a year ago. I thought I would give an update.

1. Graduate University - Still working at this.

2. Buy a car 

3. Take a cake decorating class 

4. Go to Europe - hopefully within the next two years

5. Run a race - I just need to gain the courage to sign up for one and train! 

6. Throw a dinner party - Do potlucks count?

7. Watch all of Sex in the City 

8. Take a ballroom dancing class 

9. Get a real job - Need to complete 1. first, on my with with an internship!

10. Buy a great pair of shoes 

11. Read all the Jane Austin novels - Working on this. Reading Emma at the moment

12.  Have my own place 

13. Make Macaroons - Happening this summer!

14. Make a cupcake tower for something special 

15.  Do another service trip 

16. Road trip

17. Go to a sporting event 

18. Have a pet of my own (even if its just a fish)

19.  Go to Vancouver 

20.  Find my signature drink  

21. Have a girls weekend 

22. Learn to play a song on guitar

23. Keep a journal 

24. Invest in a good camera 

25. Dream Big  

I have a lot left on my list still. Some are on going and others I need to graduate in order to complete. 

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