23 May 2013

Weekend Packing

I always tend to overpack for weekend trips. This time I tried to keep it simple and only bring enough clothes for the 3 days. Things I knew that I could mix and match and items that would work for both day and night. 

I will be wearing jeans and a military jacket while traveling along with my boots, hat and a cute scarf. I always try to wear my bulkiest items so that I can fit more into my bag. 

I will be packing a maxi dress which I know I will be able to wear into the evening. A striped shirt to go with my jeans or my printed shorts. Plus I will be bringing my chambray shirt which can be worn with just about everything. 

In addition to clothes I will be packing my ipad mini, a book, my beauty essentials, watch, belt, and headphones.  Plus one other pair of shoes probably my flip flops which aren't pictured. 

What do you bring when you pack for a weekend? 


  1. I always try to pack items that can mix and match plus simple accessories like my watch, pearl studs, and a colorful scarf. Hope you had a great weekend trip!


  2. Is that a large longchamp?


  3. yupp! With the long handles. I love it


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