9 February 2009

Semi Dress

Heyy Everyone,

It once again has been a crazy week. This is the time of year at my school when all the major projects are due, plus play is in less then a month. I am in it this year, and it is a bit stressful, to say the least, but its fun, getting to know people from different grades, who you wouldn't normally get to see. Our semi formal was this past weekend, it was a lot of fun, and every one's dresses were really pretty. As per usual there was some drama, which I was not a part of thankfully, its so much more fun with having to deal with all that other stuff... gives you more time to dance the night away. The theme was masquerade, which made me think of Gossip Girl right away.

Here is the mask:

I bought the gold mask and added the feathers and the stick (wrapped in ribbon) to make it fancier.
I got both my shoes and my dress from Le Chateau. I really like their dresses and they have cheap but cute shoes.

I loved the bow at the back.And finally the dress...

I wanted something that I wouldn't normally get and was fun. I loved the colours and the print of this one. I am glad that I chose it. ( I pretty much tried on every dress in the store)

I hope that everyone has a good week, I will be back next week with a Valentine's Day/ possibly an outfit post.


  1. Great dress! Love the twist of colors on the leopard print dress

  2. Wow!! This leopard printed outfit is great for Valentines Day...

  3. aww, what an incredible dress! I hope you had an amazing time :)

    as for your previous post:


    whattttta cutie

  4. Those shoes you got are very cute! I love the bow too! It sounds like a fun dance! Have a superb day and god luck in your play rehearsals!

  5. I love the mask and the bows on the shoes. That dress looks wild!

  6. Love the bows on the shoes. I want to go to a mask party!

  7. Those shoes are so cute! :) I also love the dress :)


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