12 July 2007

Harry Potter and Such

Okay so I saw Harry Potter yesterday, and it was REALLY REALLY GOOD! However I thought that the fourth one was better, there was more action. It was cool to see how the new characters were portrayed and the differences from the book. If you didnt read the book then you will probably have no problem with it. Lol! The fight at the end was AMAZING!!! and the acting was really good, Daniel Radcliffe did a really good job, especially at the end (i dont want to give anything away!)Ya so GO SEE THE MOVIE!!! :D

Yesterday was also the second last episode of CNTM!!! This is the only cycle in Top Model History where there are 4 girls left in the last episode. (Last week no one went home! ALSO A FIRST!!!) Sinead was called first, then Tia, then Rebbecca (my favorite) leaving Cori and Tara in the bottom 2. Cori went home which I am very mad about because i liked her a lot better then Tara. Rebbecca won the posing challenge and won $2000 worth of clothes from FCUK Canada and her boy friend came! My only problem with CNTM is that they didnt go anywhere exotic!!! Oh well i guess thats because it is shorter then ANTM and there were less girls at the start. I cant wait to see who wins next week!!!


  1. I LOVE HARRY POTTER....i think the caps say it all...and I love ANTM...never seen CNTM but im sure it rocks...the show is addictive..:)))))

  2. I AM SUCH A HARRY POTTER NERD!!! I saw the movie too, i thought it was awesome, of course not as good as the book but whutcha gunna do?
    i can't wait for the next book!!
    your blog is fab, do you want to trade links?


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