22 December 2011

Winter Checklist

There are just some winter traditions that are too good to give up. These are things that I have to do every year.

1. Make a gingerbread house.
Make it from scratch or grab a gingerbread house kit. It always means that the holidays are coming. The best part is using icing sugar to "make it snow".

2. Outdoor skating

This for me is a must! Every year I HAVE to go outdoor skating. I try to get as many people as possible to go with me. Usually it ends up being just one or two but it is so much fun anyways! Plus it makes for a great date. Just saying.

3. Peppermint hot chocolate
One of my favourite drinks. Its chocoately yet refreshing all in one. This usually follows outdoor skating. It is the perfect pair. Skating and hot chocolate.

4. Reading
Finals are done and I can read for fun without feeling guilty. Something about reading for pleasure when I am supposed to be reading textbooks makes me feel REALLY guilty. Even more so then when I am watching a movie. Strange, I know.

5. Baking
This year I am slightly obsessed with cookies and royal icing. I want to make pretty decorated cookies. Probably will get super frustrated and end up making cupcakes (got to stick to my strengths).

What are your favourite winter traditions?

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  1. Halifax just opened up an outdoor skating rink, so I think j have a new winter tradition! ;)


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