10 May 2011

Confession: I still read...

Cheesy Teen Novels. Like super cheesy. As in I can pretty much finish you in one sitting and if anyone caught me reading this I would be totally embarrassed but I will still take them out from the library cheesy.
Everyone likes to pretend that they read books that widen their horizon and have deeper meaning. And yes we do all read those books but sometimes I need a really junky novel. Something that totally takes my mind off of the world. I love to read, don't get me wrong. I love getting lost in a book. But these books allow me to let my mind go numb and I don't need to think. Which is sometimes all I really need. Especially after all the reading that I have to do for school its nice to read something where you don't really have to think too hard. Gives your mind a much needed mental break. Plus a part of me loves the silly love stories that take place in these novels. You may think I am crazy, many of you have probably already lost respect for me. But what can I say. Its an addiction... that really can't be cured.


  1. Ahh the cheesy novel...

    I downloaded an app for my phone so I can read them on the bus without blushing!

  2. Oh gosh I've missed your blog so much! I have no idea if you even remember me!


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