18 January 2011

The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

So I thought that I would share a bit about my life at university. So here goes:

The Roommate:
The Good - She my best friend
The Bad- Her BF staying the night
The Ugly - Not talking for a week

The Guy Across the Hall:
The Good - He's attractive
The Bad - I'm attracted to him
The Ugly - Floorcest

The Living On Your Own:
The Good - Space from the famjam
The Bad - No home cooked meals. KD anyone?
The Ugly - Missing said famjam

The Classes:
The Good - They are actually interesting
The Bad - The work
The Ugly - 9 am Calc anyone?

The Science Labs:
The Good - Feeling Legit!
The Bad - 3 hours... REALLY?
The Ugly - Spilling chemicals on yourself

The Finals:
The Good - Doing better then expected
The Bad - Doing worst then expected
The Ugly - Telling the parents about The Bad.



  1. This is the most accurate & cutest summary of university thus far! I think I'll use it in an upcoming post if thats okay with you?

  2. well...I start university real soon! in about a month...lets hope there's good as well as bad and ugly! haha! although im not moving out of home so i spose i dont have to worry about that side of it!

  3. Ugh, I have 9am calc too! And our prof always seems like he hates the world when he's teaching so that makes it suuuuper fun. :P
    I love this post though, it sums up everything very well!


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