8 November 2013

David's 24 Days of Tea

The David's Tea Advent Calendar launched today! After much anticipation it has finally hit stores and I am sure it won't stay there long. I can't wait to go pick mine up today. I love how the changed the design of the box this year, it feels more festive then last years design, which was the classic David's turquoise. From the description of teas included on the website it seems that they have taken in suggestions from last year and really have improved the teas offered in the calendar. There seems to be a much bigger focus on the winter and holiday collections then there was last year, which some other favourites and festive flavours from David's in the mix. I wish they would have an exclusive new mystery tea in the calendar as well but it seems like thats not in the cards this year. 

It will be fun waking up every morning in December to a new tea. I had so much fun doing it last year and I am excited for this years as well! Such fun! 

Will you be doing David's 24 days of Tea? 

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