27 November 2013

Winter Skin Care Tips

The cold, snowy weather has been reeking havoc on my skin. My lips are cracked and my hands have been dry for days! The super cold weather outside to the drying heated air inside is not helping this situation in the least.

Winter Skin Care

I make sure I am drinking enough water in the winter. Keeping hydrated is one of the best ways to fight  dry skin. I up my water intake but if I want something hot I turn to herbal teas.

If I go out without gloves for even the shortest amount of time my hand become extremely dry and cracked. Simply remembering to wear gloves goes a long way in saving my hands from become a dry cracked mess.

Sunscreen is also important in the winter. This is often something I forget and am working on adding sunscreen into my daily routine. The snow reflects the suns rays and no one looks attractive with a ski google tan.

Exfoliate and Moisturize! 
It is important to exfoliate to remove dead skin cells so that your moisturizer can be more effective. I find my skin is sensitive so I don't exfoliate on a daily basis but try to at least once or twice a week. I love using coconut oil as a moisturizer and lip gloss. I carry a lip balm with me everywhere I go and usually apply before going outside as an extra layer of protection for my lips. In the winter I also like to have hand cream with me at all times as well. I like the shea butter in this one and that it doesn't leave your hands greasy.

What are your winter beauty secrets?


  1. I get SUCH dry skin too (whenever the seasons change, in fact). My lips are chapped right now actually and Vaseline hasn't been cutting it. Have you heard of Lucas' Paw Paw ointment? It's Australian, made from papayas, and comes in a red tube. I just ordered some off Amazon after my friend brought me back a package and it's a game-changer. For hand cream, I love L'Occitane as well - so luxurious and smells divine!

  2. Not sure if you get the brand Aveeno, but their hand lotion is THE bomb. But if you need heavy duty relief for dry skin, Neutrogena's Intensive Hand Cream is awesome. I used it on really dry skin (so dry it looked like there were tiny cracks on my skin, and it was painful) and I could visibly see the difference. It says hand cream but I pretty much use it wherever needed. And just a tiny dab works so it's totally worth every cent. My go-to for dry lips is anything with beeswax. :)

  3. We do have Aveeno, I have used it before but then switched to coconut oil. I love BurtsBees chap-sticks they work and smell good too!

  4. No I haven't heard of that. I will have to try it. My lips have been SO dry and chapped lately.


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