25 November 2013

Snowed In

 I was home for the weekend and when I cam back to school I was greeted with 50-70 cm of snow, which basically appeared overnight. What does that look like you ask? 


There is snow EVERYWHERE! It makes me not want to leave my house, but cuddle up with some hot chocolate and watch nothing but movies all day but unfortunately I have class. My wishes of a snow day were not answered. While I love the way the snow makes everything look beautiful and magical especially the trees that only seems to last for a day, then it becomes one big slushy grey mess. Its a pain to walk through. 

I seem to have a love/hate relationship with snow. I love the first snow fall every year - the one where the big flakes fall down and melt the next day. There is something so perfect and magical about it. Its the snow that sticks and the cold and ice that it brings along with it that I have a problem with. 

Snow seems to bring out both the best and the worst in people. People tend to come together to fight the snow - helping neighbours shovel or helping with the car that always seems to get stuck. Snow brings people together. It unites people. It provides a common mutual thing to hate and complain about. 

As a kid, there was nothing greater then the perfect packing snow. Spending recess rolling the biggest snow ball that you could manage, often needed two or three friends to help push the giant snowball just a little father on the field. Making snow forts with your siblings and knowing that when you're done there would be hot chocolate waiting inside. There was nothing better, except maybe tobogganing. 

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