14 May 2014

3 Everyday Things that Make Me Feel Grown-up

Most days I still feel like a child. Its hard to believe that I in my fourth year of University. Sometimes though I get this fleeting feeling like "wow" I am actually grown up and at the same time I feel like I am just playing dress-up. 
This feeling comes at random times, usually when I am doing everyday things. Things that I do on a regular (or semi-regular basis) but every once and a while it hits me that I am growing up and becoming an adult. They are: 
1. Answering Emails. 
The more formal the email the older I feel. This also true to emails that are about scheduling things or that have multiple exchanges.

2. Wearing Heels. 
I feel SO tall and SO old. You could also add in when I am dressed business casual. 

3. Voluntarily Eating a Salad. 
No one is forcing me. Yet, once again I have picked a salad off the menu. SO grown up!

What makes you feel grown up? 
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