5 July 2013

Green Smoothie Challenge: Take 2

I tried in April to do the Green Smoothie Challenge from Simple Green Smoothies but I didn't make it through the entire month. I got sick and just didn't feel like having smoothies everyday. I decided to start the challenge again this week for the month of July. I am really hoping I can stick to it and have a smoothie a day. I will most likely be drinking mine for breakfast and am not sure yet if I am going to blend it the night before or throw everything into my blender (minus the liquids) the night before so I just have to blend and go in the mornings. Anyone have any suggestions for quickly making smoothies in the mornings?  

This is my favourite green smoothie recipe but I love how the challenge emails you shopping lists and a ton of new recipes to try. What is your favourite recipe?  Let me know if you decide to join the challenge as well! 


After I wrote this I was on Flipboard and I came across this article. It talks about the health benefits of spinach and how it is good for your brain. All the more reason to join me and drink your greens! 

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