16 June 2008

Pink Tartan

Heyy Everyone!
I am continuing with my Canadian Designer posts, I posted on Pink Tartan back in February anyway the Fall/Winter collection is out, and you can similarities between the two collections. Like the Spring/Summer collection all the pieces go well together, so you can mix and match, and all are very wearable. Here are my favourites for the Fall/Winter '08 collection:

I love this dress, it is so simple yet cute.

I really like the pattern and ruffles on the shirt

I love these pants, I think that they are so cute, and would be really flattering on.
My favourite part of the pants is the button detail.
I really like the bow, it is very Blair from Gossip Girl
and the texture of the jacket it great.
I think that this is my favourite outfit of the entire collection.

Usually I am not a big fan of the colour yellow, but I really like this vest. The blouse is cute, I like the sleeve length.
If you would like to see the rest of the collection click here

Well that's all for me for now,


  1. i love that mustard color vest! it's adorable.

  2. great look, love the boots style :)

    a kiss!

  3. The collection looks great! They are chic and wearable! the trousers and vest are great :)

  4. cupcakes and cashmere17 June 2008 at 11:39

    ooh that first coat with the high boots is superb!

  5. adorable.
    belle, you have impeccable taste.

  6. i love first jacket, so much. i like the ruffles of the shirt...but they look so unnaturally feminine on me, which is i like the low-key ruffle of the dress i wore in my post.
    xo SP

  7. ooh i like the setup of your blog!

    i love pink tartan's jackets. esp that first one, reminds me of Blair Waldorf

  8. Great clothes! I'm really liking structured pieces for this fall.

  9. I like the shape of the dress too! Awesome. You can dress it up or down!

  10. that first jacket is beautiful! i want one! :)

    thank you for sharing!

  11. yeah, that would be super cool. i really like your site layout.

  12. Sure, we can trade
    Plus, I really love that navy dress, its so cute!

  13. Love the blue dress. Fabulous.

  14. That vest is my absolute favorite. Great picks!

  15. LOVE pink tartan, I have 3 of their dresses and they are just so unique and beautiful, I love them to PIECES.
    I direly need that coat in the first picture, so beautiful.

  16. These Canadian designers you feature are great. If it wasn't so cold there, I would consider going to university in Canada.
    Anyways, I love the last vest. It's different, but not completely out there. I normally don't like yellow either.

  17. Love the first coat. Makes me long for autumn!

  18. Very chic and tailored looks. These are clothes for when I want to feel in command.

  19. That navy dress looks exactly like the one I got from the gap this season on sale for like 15 bucks. I guess I'm ahead of the fall season already? haha


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