18 December 2008

Cozy Winter Days

Heyy Everyone!
It is really starting to feel like Christmas. Now I can't help but love the snow, often I complain about it, (I don't really like the cold much) but I love how pretty everything looks. I have been outdoor skating a few times now, and I can't wait to go again! I have been baking Christmas cookies, they smell so good.

I love just wearing pjs all day. My favourite thing to wear is extra big pj bottoms and my brother's ae shirt (that I steal on a regular basis) Here are some of my favourite lounge wear (I might have posted some of these before but they are just so comfortable):

From Arie:

I always have freezing feet. I love these they are so warm. I also love wearing wool socks.

These pjs really cute, and they are grey.

From AE:

Everyone should own this shirt. Guys clothes are so comfortable. I love this shirt, I wear it all the time. I would suggest that you buy it a size bigger to allow for maximum comfort.

From Roots:

These pjs, are super thick and soft. These trackpants are probably my favourite. The track pants from Roots green line are even more comfortable. They are really soft, and are made with organic cotton.

From Pink:

These pjs look really warm. I would love to get a pair.

This shirt looks really warm and comfortable.

Tonight I just want to curl up with either a book or a movie and some hot chocolate.

I will hopefully be able to post more often over the break.


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  3. I'm sorry to comment on here again, I must be truly getting on your nerves. But I completely agree that we sound much alike, and thank you for your comment on my blog. I don't want to keep commeting so how about you email me.

    please & thankyou.

  4. I absolutely love wearing my pj's all day, drinking hot chocolate and watching my favourite films and reading my favourite books. It makes the day so comfortable and relaxing.. xx

  5. all those look so cozy and warm! perfect for winter

  6. It is really hot in Singapore right now :(

  7. i wish we had snow its just like 20 degrees here and nooo snow!!!

  8. This post honestly made me feel warm and fuzzy with the mention of cookies and the pics of cosy clothes. :)

    Merry Xmas!

  9. Hello lovely!
    Just to let you know I tagged you on blog :)
    and I also added you to my links list!
    hope you're well :)xx


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