13 June 2007

Random aspects of my life that i feel compelled to write about :P

Heyy Okay so my life is pretty boring! We just finished school :D I AM SO HAPPY FOR SUMMER!!! so right now i am reading Moby Dick. I'm only on like the first page but so far it isn't bad. I got the second season of Gilmore Girls on DVD so its been hard to pry me away from it. Ya im a MAJOR fan.. Oh and i would just like to apologize now for my horrible grammar and spelling BUT HELL ITS SUMMER!!! I love the fact that i have almost nothing to write about yet i just keep on typing lmaoo!! i Really want to go shopping i haven't been in soo long. My friends and i have decided to make this the best summer of our lives (whatever that means.. they decided to not me.. I'm just being a follower!!) so were going to hang out together more!! i no it sounds funn doesn't it.. I really really really want to see Pirates 3, Knocked Up and some other movies. I am also really into old movies right now. so my friends and i are having a movie night once a week to get them all in. :D I love summer plans. I love trips to the beach and all the cute clothes. My family goes camping every summer with like 4 other families and that is always fun. unless it rains. Anyway this post was quite pointless and I'm sorry to have wasted your time as well as mine! LOVE BELLE! <3

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  1. finally someone else who likes rebecca!!! (on CNTM by the way...). everyone says shes so ugly, but no one gets it that you don't have to be drop dead gorgeous to model. its all about having that different look... and rebecca has that!


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