9 April 2008


Most of the snow is gone!!! I am so happy! The weather is finally warm and the sun is out, now if only I could get less school work, life would be perfect. Every year we get the same two ducks in our backyard. It really feels like spring. After spring is summer, so now that its warm and it looks like summer is coming, I thought it would be a good time to do a bathing suit post.
From Billabong:

I really like how colourful this suit is.

I love the colour combination of green and pink.

White bathing suits look great for people with dark skin or with a tan.

From Roxy:

I really like this one piece because its not too reveling but its not extremely sporty looking. I really like the way the back is.

This heart pattern just made me happy.

I love the combination of blue and brown together. I really want a blue and brown bathing suit. When I was away there was a girl who had a relly nice blue and brown bathing suit and it even had a matching skirt. I really wanted to ask her where it was from but I never did.

Okay so its not a bathing suit, but a beach bag and a really cute one.

From Juicy

I like how it is a basic black bathing suit, but it is different then a normal bathing suit. The top looks like it might fall down though, I wouldn't play water polo in this.

From Old Navy

I think that the gold bathing suit speaks for itself.

Thats all from me. Enjoy the beautiful weather!


  1. so excited for warmer weather!!! the leaves are stating to grow back on the trees too! summer isnt too far away :)

  2. I love everyone of the suits i can't wait for nice weather all of the time again!!!

  3. a GOLD bathing suit??
    i must i must......

  4. I hate finding a bathing suit. The stores seem to think you're a prude or want everything hanging out. FRUSTRATION.

  5. omgg
    I love the juicy bathing suit!!
    ahh, I can't wait till summer =]

  6. Im so happy for sun, and bathing suits. I recently bought a romper on ebay for the spring and summer weather i cant wait.

  7. Cute bikinis! I really hope the old 40s style swimsuits come back in - bandeaus, high waisted bikini bottoms (sounds bad I know, but looks great), shaped bikini tops...Ah the 40s. Great fashion era.
    Anyways, lol.

  8. haha i wouldn't play water polo in the black bathing suit either ^^ but i love the first billabong one!

  9. The white baithingsuit looks amazing on that model!

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  11. When I think of Juicy, I think of those horrible velour tracksuits... but their swimwear offer is AMAZING. I was in Harrods looking at the swimwear range, nothing stood out apart from one beautiful 1950's looking one, and it was by Juicy!


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