4 May 2008

Heyy Everyone,
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I did find Gossip Girl online :D! I love it, its getting so intense. I don't have a lot of time, and I will have a real post soon, but this was a post secret that I read today and I really liked:

I will post again sometime this week.


  1. Hey I just found out you're blog, it looks great!
    I'll keep visiting!

    - Dream Out Loud!
    . Raspberry

  2. Your grandparents are from Portugal, really? That's so cool! Say 'Olá' for me then! :)

    You know what else is funny, my friends often call me Belle. Talk about a small world ...!

    I've already linked you at http://myraspberrynights.blogspot.com - MY RASPBERRY NIGHTS. I update that blog more often than the Dreaming Out Loud one. Still working on that tho.

    Boa Sorte ! / Good Luck !

  3. great secret, love that :)
    yes i will exchange links, thanks for asking!! xx


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